Last minute changes?

OK I am stressing. I do not know why but we have less than 20 days to go and I am second guessing everything. I am thinking, based on CLs, I should swap some days around (Mk, ep, and HS) to get lower levels for HS and avoid Mk on the 5k day before the pro bowl. But I have FPP and ADRs set so that would mean changing it all. Am I crazy to think I could or should change this over a CL ± 1 when we are talking about parks with CLs of 3-5?. I have good TPs so I should be fine, right? The plan works if you work it. Ah. Am I the only that stresses like this last minute?

We just came back from a trip from 12/17 to 12/27. No CL was below an 8, with most being 10. If you have the FPP and the ADR’s and you have a TP for each of the parks, I would stick with the ones you have. As I remember reading in the Unofficial plan, having TP is the most important thing, and if you are doing RD, you will have a huge jump on a lot of people. I wish you the best and in MHO, stick with what you have. Another thing, I think you will find that most liners stress over things but it works out in the end.

You aren’t crazy, but there is very little difference in each crowd level. Now if you were talking about changing from a 10 day to a 2, I’d say go for it. But not for 1 level. Just have good plans and you will be fine! Plus the CL’s aren’t definite, it is only at the end of the day when the info is processed that the actual level is known. Step away from your plans! :wink:

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STOP STRESSING!!! plus/minus 1 or 2 on the CL is NO BIG DEAL. I would absolutely NOT make any significant changes.

I think we all look at our plans and suddenly think there is a better way in the last month- drop the plans and walk away! It will be fine!

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