Last minute change? YC or Boardwalk?

Thinking about a last minute change from YC to BW.

12 night trip, split stay, Kidani 6 nights then YC. However, not sure the kids will like the SAB slide and comments about the SAB pool needing maintenance have me concerned. BW slide exactly the kind of thing my kids love - long twisty open slide.
Similar price. Deadline for changing coming up soon (like in 1-2 days). Thoughts? Thanks!

My niece was very disappointed to find out we’re not staying at Boardwalk for our next trip. We’ve stayed there the last two trips (once with the old creepy clown slide deco, and once with the new deco) and she loves it. She begrudgingly admitted that it will be nice having a castle view, but she wishes we could walk to Epcot all the time again.


Only concern now is they’re in a refurb and there’s almost NOTHING posted about it anywhere. I might even call the resort for more details before I finalize a booking.

I don’t think the rooms are being refurbished. Just a couple of buildings on the Boardwalk.

We love the Boardwalk but they did refurbish the SAB slide relatively recently so I think the ribs are just a design flaw. I didn’t like it but my 5yo loved it.

Good to know. I’m not usually a waffler but I literally just need somebody to tell me what to do:

BWI benefits: No room change day 4, better slide, nice garden grounds, tiny bit closer to EP/HS
YC benefits: Big fun sandy pool, great beachy theming, indoor restaurants/bars when it’s raining, marginally cheaper over 6 nights ($100).

It’s the last half of our 12 night trip so hoping to chill a lot with just resort half-days at HS and EP mostly. :slight_smile: What would you do? (All are welcome to chime in lol.)

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Well here’s what I would do…am doing…

I’m fully in favor of the Boardwalk! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really get the hype of Stormalong Bay and (very personally) the sandy pool felt weird to me. But I do think “better slide” is super subjective. My DS LOVED the flying jib and I feel like if we walk by it in November there will be questions! But mom and dad hate running around after the kids.


Oh man I would love the Villas! I’m just looking at the Inn. But still looks gorgeous.

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Haha well I will tell you the truth, we stayed at the Beach Club in 2020 and then came home and bought a (second, very small) DVC contract at the Boardwalk a few months later!

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The lack of a good qs location is the one thing I don’t love about Boardwalk, tbh.

I’m not really sure that you might write home about the A&C or Beach Club Marketplaces either though?

Agree, but am curious if people are liking the new Deli.

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Beach Club Marketplace has more options for meals. The Boardwalk has always only had the pizza window and sandwiches at the bakery and occasionally the burger cart if you don’t want a TS meal.

For breakfast there’s nothing but coffee shop stuff, really.

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The. Boardwalk Inn refurb hasn’t started yet. I don’t think it starts until 2023.

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The pool is the one thing that’s better at Yacht Club than Boardwalk. I’d pick BW every time because it and AKL are my two faves. I absolutely love the slide at BW. It’s faster and therefore I like it better than SABs slide but the pool itself is loads better at BC/YC. So depends if the pool itself is what you’re going for. Otherwise overall my choice is BW so much so that I’ve stayed there 4 times and YC once and BC once.

I don’t really think the quick service is any better at YC/BC than BW. I don’t get why people think that. They’re both just okay but at least at BW you get the pizza window and with park hoppers just walk to Epcot eat at a booth! There’s always a festival now.

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Ale & Compass is now available to go (mobile order) this is a great plus for YC in my opinion when it comes to food options.

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