Last minute Cape May Cafe breakfast?

Good Morning Liners - My family and I are staying at BC from 9/26-10/4. 16 days to go !! :smiley: The only ADR I wasn’t able to get is CMC breakfast. What do you think the chances are for us to get a table if we show up early the morning of? Sunday 9/28 is going to be a relaxed morning since we are doing MNSSHP that evening. So… my thought is if I hop down from our room that day and ask if there is any times available we may get lucky? What do you think? TIA!

Cape May is easier to get than a lot of the other character breakfasts. I’d show up 5 minutes before the first seating though. It’s been my experience that showing up right as they begin the shift works best for any meal.

great advice… Thank you!