Last minute advice needed!

I have a few questions before my trip in two weeks, and I would appreciate any advice!

  1. I’m scheduled to be in HW Studios on MLK Day. Crowd calendars have increased, and I’m worried it will be too crazy there. I could move it to later in the week by going on our mid-week rest day. I had booked extra FP for that day for HW just in case. This would end up in us having 5 straight park days without a break. Worth it?

  2. Memory Maker - My friend went in December, and my trip is within 30 days of hers. If she orders her DVD of images now, will I still be able to use her memory maker?

  3. I have CRT scheduled for 7:05 pm with an 8:00 fireworks show. Is it worth missing fireworks? We have a second MK day at the end of our trip.

I appreciate all the advice! Thanks in advance!!

I haven’t been to CRT during fireworks but I have been to CRT. It’s a great experience, hard to get (as you know) and…I really wonder if being in the castle during the fireworks might be awesome??? It could be fantastic to see that going on from the windows. There are tons of big windows at CRT. Maybe others have experienced this and can give advice? As to HS, I did 5 straight park days (well more than that if you count universal) and I really regretted it. We just got too worn out.

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There is no predictability or pattern with HS right now. :frowning:


Hey, I just went to you tube and looked up CRT with fireworks and a ton of videos came up. It is way cool!!! Now I want to do this. The downside is that I guess you don’t really get to see any of the castle projections b/c you’re inside the castle, but since you have another night for that you’re covered. Unless it rains…we lost nighttime shows / parade at MK one year b/c of rain.

Thanks for the idea to look up videos! I’ll check it out! I got lucky getting that reservation. I only booked it a couple weeks ago. We have never been to CRT, and my youngest is 4. I feel like we should do it before my kids start losing some of the “magic” feel.

Fireworks still go off in the rain. Bring out the ponchos! It’s not terrible if it’s just a drizzle.

Oh my goodness!! I watched a video! Brought tears to my eyes watching someone else’s kids experience it! Thank you so much for the tip!

The year I was there and it was cancelled there was a horrific downpour for the entire day. Main Street Electrical Parade (this was 2014) and Wishes didn’t happen at all. We only went out that day b/c I had spent months getting CRT and BOG and wasn’t willing to give that up. Now that I’ve been to WDW a few times we wouldn’t go out in such a storm again. For a smaller rain they probably would still do the fireworks.

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This is true. 4 yrs old is a magical age to visit CRT. The princess dress up tends to end around Kindergarten - 1st grade depending on the child.

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All DD4 talked about for months before the trip was seeing and eating in the castle. During the trip- 1 track mind. We enjoyed it but it wasn’t her highlight but this is definitely the magical age for it - do it with the fireworks. Probably better off since you won’t have to brave the crowds.

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I was there in December. The fireworks went off during MVMCP and regular night in a light rain.

Parade does not happen in the rain. They canceled one during one of my MVMCP nights last month. They may do a modified version.

It poured early on during one of our MVMCPs last month. We rode BTMR a few times in the rain. It was walk on. Also rode 7DMT in the rain. It was not a walk on.

It can be miserable in the rain, especially for kids in strollers and little ones, not to mention their parents. So, I get it. It is not for everyone.

But if you are willing to poncho up, with moments of umbrella, and have sandals, rain empties out the park. Forget those Kodak moments! Hair everywhere!

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