Last-min Qs for ADR day tmr!

Just to confirm so I’m ready for tmr:

  1. begins online at 6 am EST

  2. can make up to 10 days as staying onsite*

2a) *BUT it’s a split-stay… So, can I really do 10 days? Or do I have a “2nd” ADR date next week that coincides with the 2nd hotel date?

  1. do I have to fill out all the CC info each booking, or can I get that set up once today so the info is pre-filled?

  2. not ADR, but is tmr also the day I can pre-book to build a droid? And is that online or a phone call?

  3. and order of difficulty, not nec chronological. PPO/Popular specialty & character meals; everything else. Got it.

Anything else I’m forgetting?!? Thx so much!

You can make your ADRs for your first stay, including check out day. The second stay opens at day 180.

If you have a credit card saved to your profile you should be ok.


Ahhh, perfect! That’s the question I was most curious about, thank-you! I will be sure to get “Part 1” set today :slight_smile:

Oh shoot - ah well, better ready an hour early than an hour late!

It is 7am for FPs but for ADRs it is 6am online and 7am by phone.


lol…okay, back to plan 1!

Not gonna open up a can of worms and ask why there’s a discrepancy between ADR and FP booking times - our last trip was 4 yrs ago and I’m pretty sure it was midnight for FPs that year! I’m on AST, so everything’s an hour later for me regardless :wink:

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More along the WWYD line with restaurants:

Any inside info on what Topolino’s might be like for the character bfast? And realistically, will it be open on time (says Dec, we’re going in March)?

Also - def want to go to Sanaa once - have never been - has anyone ever done the lunch with an animal specialist? Or is it too much – will dinner on our own there be awesome enough? :grin:

I would definitely book both of those! I was so desperately hoping that Topolino would be open by our trip but it won’t be. I think it will be awesome!

And we’re doing Sanaa as our final meal and I’m so excited.

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Omg, I know…haha…our family is AS EQUALLY EXCITED about the meals and experiences as we are about the parks and rides!!*

she types, after heating up her cold coffee for the 2nd time, b/c of browsing WDW restaurant menus all morning

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Post your list so we can drool with you!

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hee hee - pretty dynamic list yet today, but hopefully will lock it in by tonite!

Thanks! This helps me explain why for years I get FPPs well, but my ADRs have been hit or miss!

You learn something new everyday!!


It was midnight 4 years ago - I went 3 years ago and wasn’t enthralled by the idea of getting up at 5am, but before our trip it changed to 7am EST so it’s midday here in the UK, much easier!

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OK! Only took about 45 mins this a.m. start to finish, and I’ve got everything I was looking for, yahoo! Mind you:

  • We have been to some of the hard-to-get meals in the past, so I wasn’t searching for them this time around (CRT, Cali Grill, Ohana, HDDR)

  • this being the 1st part of a split-stay at the Dolphin, the focus was on HS/EP area (next week’s ADRs is 2nd part of trip, more AK/MK…might be trickier)

  • I try to book slightly earlier meals when we travel with the kids…we call it Food Mojo in our family,lol…keeps everyone going if we pre-load the tummies :wink:

  • The only meal I couldn’t get - which threw me for a loop - was a TS early breakfast at our hotel, at Fresh Mediterranean Market. Who knew? I was trying (at the end of my list, I’ll admit) to nab an early bfast before heading to SWGE on a Sat morning…all booked up until 8:30 that morning! That surprised me, but def not the end of the world.

What did I get? Without much trouble:

Arrival Day supper Raglan Rd 4 pm (we leave for the airport at 5:30 am, will be a long day)
PPO Garden Grill 8:10 am
Via Napoli 4:30 pm
50’s PT lunch 11:30 am (for the kids :slight_smile: )
LTT 5:15 pm (this is our only “did it before” on the list…we loved it)
Bon Voyage 9:00 am
Restaurant Marrakesh 5:00 pm (bit of a wild card but looks delish & fun!)
Oga’s 10:10 am (*may chg this, seems a bit early for drinks, lol)
Brown Derby 12:15 pm
bluezoo 5:45 pm
Topolino’s Terrace 10:00 am
Sanaa 5:05 pm

Looking forward to March! Now off to finagle plans for the next batch of days!


Can’t wait to hear about Topolino!!! Booked it hoping I can convince my kiddo to go there instead of Chef Mickey’s😂

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