Last-ish minute trip?

Hi all - I just got an unexpected bonus and my husband wants to go to Disney from April 30- May 5. I feel like this is so soon!! But I love Disney and am pretty much always up for a trip.

I will be 22 weeks pregnant at the time of the trip.

My son will be 3 years, 4 months old. He really loves Cars, Dumbo, Toy Story, Zootopia, and Monsters inc so there’s still a lot for him to do.

We just went in September '17 for my son’s first trip - it was a wonderful trip and the main reason we want to go back is he has not stopped talking about it. He had such a good time and asks all the time when we can go back. If we don’t go back now, we probably won’t go back until either September '19 or Jan/Feb '20.

I’m thinking we’d do either 2 day park hoppers (1 full day at MK, split day at AK/HS and one day off) or 3 day non-hoppers (1 full day at MK, half to days at AK and HS with pool breaks in the PMs).

Questions: Am I crazy for planning a last minute trip? I know we won’t get a lot of fast passes, but we won’t need a lot as neither my son nor I will be able to ride any of the big rides. We had a lot of fun in September without riding the “big” rides.

Opinions on 2 park hoppers vs 3 non hoppers? I know we don’t need a full day at AK or at HS based on my son’s interests.

Any input is welcome!

If those options are both within reason, I would go with the 3-day base tickets. You can then tour each or the two shorter parks to the level you wish, and then take your break for an easy afternoon. I think the 3-day base strategy will probably lower your stress level.

I am curious if you’re considering any special dining experience while you’re there - that may influence the choice.

Probably not too focused on special dining - we may try to do Chef Mickey’s at some point but it’s not a must do. My son couldn’t care less about special dining and my husband is a meat-and-potatoes type guy so it’s not a priority for us.
Both ticket options are within budget for sure, there’s like $80 difference in price between the two.

Then yeah, I think I’d go with the 3-day base tickets as my choice.


I’ve planned a trip with only 3 weeks notice. Was able to get BOG, Akershus and every FP we wanted to boot. I was very happy and surprised. I say go for it! Cliche, but seriously: YOLO

Thanks! I think this will be the last chance for a trip for a while until baby #2 is at least 18 months. So we might as well go for it!

It’s absolutely precious that your 3 year old is asking to go back. I would go for it. We did a last minute trip last summer (planned just 3 weeks in advance). We still managed to get FPPs for everything except FOP and thanks to the TP reservation finder we booked all the ADRs we wanted (including BOG).

Made the same trip under the same circumstances, pregnancy and all. That was … Shhh! … years ago and everyone still has great memories. OBTW , baby #2 still wants a trip of his own to even the score with his brother.

Go! Things will so change with baby number 2, let this be a special memory with your son before a sibling comes along. You will still get plenty restaurant options and FPP. I would opt for 3 day base tickets will be overall less stressful for you and your son. I chose to take a short unplanned (in Disney terms) trip when pregnant with my 2nd child (abet my boys are 9 years apart) and I have some of the best memories from that trip 19 years ago. Enjoy and have a wonderful trip

For anyone interested, I booked the trip yesterday (except for flights). We are going to Disney World! haha