Last hour GT continues to next day

Last night we got stuck on IaSW after 11 pm. When we got off, they gave us a Multi Experience for MH (tier 1) that extended through today. As locals, we weren’t planning on going today, but I wanted everyone to know that that happened. If we were going, we would’ve had a tier 1 Golden ticket all day. So, as summary: a GT received in the last hour of park operations automatically extends to the next day.

Why does this work for everyone except me?! Mine was at WDW, ride breakdown at 8.45 on a 9pm closing, it didn’t carry over and GS would only move it for one specific ride.

But I’m not bitter :joy:

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From reading on the WDW side, it doesn’t seem to be automatic. One has to ask for it from a CM, and that’s hit or miss.

That’s only for ones you get earlier in the day and want to keep using the next day. Last hour should be automatic.