Last day -what to do?

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I’ve been putting off last day planning but guess I should have some plans. We have Virgin check in at Disney springs on a Saturday morning. I’m guessing we will have from about 11-4:30 free before heading to the airport. DH isn’t keen on going back into the parks but I’m not sure there’ll be enough in DS to keep us occupied as we are not huge shoppers (plus out checked luggage will be fine so can one but hand luggage items). I don’t want to end up just hanging around passing time. Would a resort hop be something to consider? I like the look of wilderness , could we spend a few hours there?

About Disney Springs, we’re definitely not huge shoppers either but we’ve never had a problem passing the time there. The PhotoPass studio is a nice way to get some last minute memories, DH loves going to the cinema there, or you could book the new-ish virtual reality experience if that’s something that appeals to you. Or just a leisurely lunch followed by dessert from Amorette’s or Ghirardelli?

If your resort is reasonably close to Disney Springs you could always have lunch and then go back to your resort for a swim until it’s time to leave. The resorts have showers, with shampoo and body wash provided. Saratoga Springs also has a device which wrings out your swimwear - not sure if that’s standard across all the resorts though, or if that’s because of the spa attached to the resort. Last time we spent our last day swimming we brought swimwear (old/very cheap) which we were happy to leave behind, so we wouldn’t have to pack anything damp.

We did DS our last day and there is a lot to see and do there. Not just shopping. You can also check your carry on luggage with bell services at your resort so you don’t have to carry it around. If you are using the bus system, I would be a little cautious about resort hopping. Sometimes it can take a long time to hop from one resort to another.

Photopass studio? What and where is that?

It’s located next to Ghirardelli in the Marketplace. Its basically a setup where a PhotoPass photographer takes pictures in front of a “green screen” (it’s indoors) and adds backdrops to them - it’s part of the Memory Maker package so it doesn’t cost you anything. We did it the trip before last (November last year) and got some great Christmas themed ones as well as other fun ones with backdrops from Tower of Terror, the Chinese Theater in HS (complete with fireworks), the MK castle, POTC ride, Peter Pan and others I can’t remember. :slight_smile:


I had no idea that was there! Thank you!

Disney Springs also is the home of Splitsville, a bowling alley.

You could also consider one of the mini-golf courses available in the World: Winter Summerland is adjacent to Blizzard Beach and has 2 traditional mini golf courses; Fantasia Gardens is adjacent to the Swan and has 1 traditional course and one ‘putting greens’ style course.

Thanks everyone. Sounds liked there is more to do in DS than I imaninged. We are actually staying off site in Orange lake resort in a Virgin villa so I think once we leave we are out. I think maybe a quick look in the shops, lunch and mini golf sounds like a plan. Plus a quick pop to the bathrooms to freshen up before out flight.

Thanks again.

Christmas themed photo pass??? That’s our card sorted early this year, fantastic info thanks.

If you are Star Wars fans, there’s also the Void at DS. Supposed to be an awesome VR Star Wars experience. I think it’s around $25 per so it could be costly depending on group size, but it’s sitting at my #1 reason to make my way to DS next trip…

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I may be the only one whose family did not enjoy DS. Bus service from WL there was terrible. Had to Lyft there, and no one knew where the bus stop was for returning, so had to Lyft back. Spent so long souvenir shopping and no idea where anything was. Honestly though, it was our last day of an 8-day trip, so I know that influenced my mentality. Next time, cheaper to add on a day at the parks.


When we’ve used the Virgin check-in desks at DS, we’ve sometimes gone to the Dine-in cinema. It’s a great experience that we don’t generally have in the UK and is a good way of keeping cool!

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