Last Day Plans With Disney's Magical Express

So I read on one particular site that on your last day the Magical Express picks you up around 3 hours before your flight.

Our flight is at 8.15pm, so if that’s correct we would be getting the Magical Express about 5pm.

I would really like to do a Keys to the Kingdom tour, and the only possible place I can fit it in is on our last day. If I can get the earliest start time the tour would finish around 1pm, which would mean four hours between it ending and being picked up.

Is this doable? I would like to book the tour, but not if there’s a chance this wouldn’t work.

You should be assigned a pick-up time for the Magical Express. That is usually 3 hour before your flights scheduled departure. You may be able to delay or move it up depending on how many are scheduled to ride. Check with the front desk to see if they can arrange a different time that will meet your need. Most times it doesn’t take two hours at the airport but it also depends on how fast lines are proceeding at TSA. Remember it also takes time to get to the airport which is usually 50".

Yes it is doable. You would not want to wait til the last minute to leave MK to head back to your resort. Give yourself and family plenty of time to get back and ready to head out on the Magical Express.

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Four hours between the end of the tour and when you would be expected to leave your resort on MDE is not cutting it close. I think a four hour gap is plenty of time.

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Sorry I should I have said, we are flying international.

It seems like four hours is enough, thank you everyone :slight_smile:

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Oh duh! This just proves that I should not reply first thing in the morning before coffee!

I read 5:15 as her flight time, therefore 4 hrs before her flight.