Last day, half day at DHS

I wouldn’t count on being let in early at rope drop. When we were there over the weekend, they held everyone until about 7:02 or 7:03 to allow folks to get boarding groups. I think they want to avoid masses of people trying to walk while furiously tapping on their phone. We rope dropped TSL and RnRC/ToT on two separate days and the procedure was the same for both.


Personalized TP Experts… do you think always selecting the slowest waking setting could have roughly the same effect as adding breaks to your TP?

I purposefully did this to all my park TP’s so I wouldn’t have to assign my breaks a certain time.

Any thoughts?

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Good to know. How long did you end up waiting for each ride at RD? Would you recommend RDing one over the other?

I do the same thing. Depends on how quick your party can be in and out of the restrooms (or whatever else you need a break for) but I basically have the same approach.

I also make a mental note of which attractions we will skip if we get behind. We generally have to do rider swap for most major attractions, which you can select as an option in a personalized TP but the timing can vary greatly (same thing with FP lines). So the even if the “wait” is what the TP says, reality doesn’t usually line up with the TP very well. So we have to be flexible.

We basically walked on to RnRC (we were maybe 1/2 way back in the RD pack) and then waited maybe 20 min for HM? RnRC definitely seemed to be building a line faster than ToT. They were not running the preshow for RnRC so gather saved a bit of time. TSM was also walk on from about the same spot in the pack of people.

Wanted to revive this thread with all the recent HS action. I was lucky to be able to switch my FPs based on the new tiers and park hours: 8:45: TSM, 9:45: RnRC, 11:55: SDD. I think this means I would have to rope drop ToT For a decent wait time which leads to a lot of crisscrossing the park. Would I be better off to switch out my TSM for a ToT FP at 10:45 and rope drop TSM instead? Would love to move TSM to 10:45 but no luck so far!

TSM was pretty easy to RD as everyone goes to SDD. We were about 1/2 back in the pack and walked on. It would make for less walking.

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