Last Day Best at Magic Kingdom


Hi there,

If you have 4.5-5 hours (am) on your final day to visit the Magic Kingdom, what things would you absolutely insist on doing one last time?

I would appreciate your input.



For me: I would NEED to do Haunted Mansion from the standby line, as well as walking through the castle breezeway to Fantasy land, then head through to Liberty Square in order to ride it. I'm a weirdo because that's not really time efficient and I get it. Then, one last trip on Pirates and get a last ice cream treat: either a Dole Whip or Mickey bar. And shop on Main Street!


For me i would do splash mt, haunted mansion, maybe iasw, prince charming caurosel if short line, under the sea, space mt, buzz, and i always end on peoplemover.

Then the long sad walk down main st. Maybe stopping at a few gift shops. Stopping and turning near the flagpole for one last look down main street blinking away the pixie dust


I would do the teacups, growing up, before I'd ever been to Disney, that was the ride that was always shown in relation to Disney, so it was always the one I yearned to do. It was also the last ride I rode with my sister before she died (sorry to be maudlin!) Then I would go down Main Street, popping in the shops, taking in the whole atmosphere, sounds and smells. With a last look at the Castle to end :blush: