Large multigenerational trip planning for dummies

This is great. And something we’ve adopted in our core group. Especially in warmer months!

My kids are well trained that if we stop for a bathroom, everyone goes (or “tries”) - that is one rule I fully intend to force on the larger group :joy:


Absolutely! I finally got my granddaughter in the habit of “never pass up an opportunity to use a bathroom” but it took several years.

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Maybe you and your spouse can take turns closing the parks: one with anyone that can hang a bit longer in the parks and the other going back with grandparents and any kids that are tired. Also, I like others advice of not making it a go,go,go type of trip. The crew may be able to hang say 10-12 hours on a slower paced day vs 6-8 of a fast paced day.

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Thanks all. Our first day in the parks is Saturday 2/6 at MK. TP projects a 7, which means I’m worried it’ll be like a 10++++++.

That’s the one day we’re all going to be “joined at the hip” as a group. (I expect the other days divide & conquer). I have no intention of doing a RD that day, and I very much intend it to be a “take your time & let’s just see what happens” day. Intend to leave by 1 or 1:30pm, as I want to do a siesta & at 5:30pm I got the grandparents ADR for just the 2 of them at the Boathouse at DS, and my sister & I are taking the 5, 7, & 7 yo to cirque du soleil. DW is an introvert & happy to stay in w the baby that night.

A few reasons why I’m not rope dropping MK first day:

First, I don’t want any of us to feel stressed the first day. Just ease into things so I can practice a 7am LL booking & get the hang of it, etc.

Second, if MK is a shit show that day & we mosey in at 10am with no real plan, it’s an acid test for my family. If they have a great time, then I’m the one out of step & need to chill out. If they grouch about the wait times & crowds, then at least there will be more buy-in when I suggest a RD and/or at least planning more deliberately because they’ll have seen what happens if we don’t with their own eyes.

Third, we’ve got a 9am ADR at Cinderella castle Wednesday 2/9 & can go to deluxe after hours at MK on 2/9 also. Between rope dropping MK, doing a siesta while LL stacking for the afternoon, and then doing deluxe evening hours, I’m pretty confident we can get 100% of everything we want at MK done on Wednesday. So, using MK on Saturday as a warm up (even an inefficient one) makes sense.

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I highly recommend the web based internet short cartoon episodes “Nina Needs To Go”. Features a heroic grandmother who nails out her granddaughter Nina every time Nina passes up a chance to go to the bathroom & then inevitably needs to go at the most inopportune times.

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Thanks for the info. If possible, I don’t want to literally have to micro mange every single LL, ILL, and QS order for all 9 people. If my parents or my sister are at a different location, I want them to be able to book their own dang LL time slots as the day progresses.

It sounds like that’s possible if I share MDE invite & authorize manage my plans. What I’m worried about is my parents either being too intimidated to try, or inadvertently messing up plans for a different subgroup in another park.

Sounds fun!

I’m thinking about a 1/2 day at MK then a rope drop with mid day break snd EETPH too. Check back and let us know how it goes.

Some have published the order to grab LLs in order of how fast they go. JC, PP, BTM/Splash, PoC etc

Some folks have alternatively suggested foregoing the big LL headliners as they lock up your RTs for two hours at a pop and instead go for the ‘less LL popular” rides with near immediate RTs.

With littles in tow I could see the latter working for you. Ie. Grab PP at 7am for earliest RT for your whole crew. Then 2 hours after park opening or after tap in (whichever is first) - (which sounds like when you might be arriving) just start grabbing LLs for FL rides (Dumbo, WTP, IASW) or Speedway, Buzz etc) grabbing a new one after tapping into the old. Watch Philharmagic or eat lunch if an RT is long-ish.

I’m just not sure if any rides at WDW have a chance for immediate RTs. At DLR there were loads of them.

Lots of experienced WDW G+ folks here.

These are awesome. Really inspired. :+1:

I think you’ve got some good ideas.

Regarding LL managing, and speaking as a great grandparent, my priority might not be maximizing the number of rides in a day. Soaking up ambiance is good.

It seems to me my sister and her adult daughter both had their own MDE accounts and we were all linked together somehow. Our last trip we only used MDE to mobile order food, tho, there not being any FPs or LLs.

You’ll be reporting back, I hope ?