Large group in the world. Where to stay

So I’m planning a trip of 16 days in mid may next year for at least 24 people. We’ll be getting the Deluxe dining plan because the group doesn’t like looking at prices. What would be a good on property place to stay?

Are you looking to stay on property or off?

On property. Goal would be two to four people per room .

Then you are looking at hotel rooms rather than villa’s etc, and honestly it really all comes down to budget. Disney property hotel rooms and facilities are very good from the low to the high…but you get what you pay for. Moderate hotels are always a good bet and offer great value for what is really a much higher class than a ‘moderate’ hotel outside WDW. If you have a budget in mind then it would be much easier to give recommendations…also the age range of your party is a big factor.

Age range Is 18 to 30. Mod is what I was thinking because it’s spread out and nicer .

Well they are all great and have their own charms, personally I would choose Port Orleans - French Quarter.

Also Budget Is About 5000 Per Person

TP has a great review of the hotel here, and it should be within your budget

Rooms run around $210-300 per night…so you should be within your budget :slight_smile:

Disney has this group booking thing that makes the rates cheaper. I’ll look at the review.

Oh for sure, depending on time of year and group discounts you may get a much better rate, would be interested to know what discount they offer you if/when you call.

Are you traveling from the US or overseas? The deluxe dining plan (3 meals, appetizer, dessert, entree plus 2 snacks) is a lot of food for such a long trip! Serving sizes are large!

The US. Depending on how ressies fall out some of us may get the deluxe dining plan and some might not.

With the deluxe plan if you do a lot of signature meals or dinner shows it can help but three table service meals a day could be over 5 hours a day!

Yeah we may go regular or oop . We’re All Pretty Big EaterS Though

You might consider the Coronado Springs, as it’s a moderate, but set up for conferences. They have amenities that suit large groups.

I am ua big eater and love signature dining. After 4 days it was enough! 16 is a very long time!

I believe Disney also has resources to help a larger group like yours with ADRs and fastpass planning. Maybe your group will split into couples and groups and all meet up at dinners or something like that.

Also, I don’t know how it will work with a group reservation but I would think you could have some on dining plan, some not (some deluxe if they want) as long as each person in a room has the same package. Maybe someone with large group experience will know if that’s the case.

I’d stay at an Epcot area resort. Walking to Epcot and HS without waiting on a bus is wonderful and all of those hotels are very nice deluxes. We’ve only stayed at the Swan but I wouldn’t hesitate to stay at Yacht Club, Beach Club, or Boardwalk.