Large group at California Grill

Has anyone successfully booked a large group on line at CG? Specifically I am booking for 11 and will be able to book at 180 +5-7days ahead. Just looking randonly at 180 days I have found times for 10 but never more than 10. Hoping for dinner but happy for an ealy slot and go back up to watch fireworks.
A question on chat brought the suggestion to call a few days early to see if I could book ahead of time as this is for a big celebration of 50th birthday (dbil), 30th anniversary (us) and post cancer trip (dsil)

I would definitely call. Even if they can’t book it early, surely they will be able to tell you the best approach rather than you risking it. If only 10 can be booked online, at least you know to call to do that one on the 180 mark.

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Even with the push by Disney to have people use the app i think they specifically mention 8 or more should call.

Thanks. I actually finally got a response to my online query to wdw today and they say you can book online for 10 but have to call for 11 at CG. At least I know now. Have booked 11 on line everywhere else before.