Large group accommodations

What is the best place in Disney to stay with a large group (13 people) that is also affordable?

When I priced a trip for 8 people, it was cheaper for us to get 3 individual rooms.

Might be worth comparing Offsite prices, and then see how much it will cost to uber everywhere. Are your rooms only a place to sleep or will you be spending lots of time there?

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I would consider a house rental. Or if you really want to be onsite 3-4 rooms at a moderate resort like POR. Depending on your mix you could do up to 5 in a room.

Thanks all. We will start with staying onsite and getting 3 rooms and then look to offsite if it is too expensive. Only plan to sleep at accommodations, but have a bunch of kids and would love to do the dining plan to make it easy. I appreciate the feedback.

a few years back we stayed at POP with 14 people 7 adults 1 teen 4 tweens 2 children they were very accommodating and gave us rooms in a row some connecting. We went in February had play stay and dine. we didn’t necessarily stay together during the day but met up for meals. We took turns with the kids so that the adults could go by themselves for quiet dinners. We ate breakfast in the room. The kids loved the pool and the food court. The bus at the resort was one stop and easy to get to but one of the farther walks back at the parks. I might upgrade to get a room in the 70’s.

We just did a multigenerational 17 person trip this summer. We initially looked at an off-site house rental and than decided we didn’t want to cook or clean on vacation, not to mention that with 17 people under one roof we’d be certain to get under each others skin.
We ultimately went with Art of Animation Nemo Suites because we had 3 groups of 5 that contained a few teenage boys. We figured the space, additional beds and extra bathroom would be worth the slight premium over POR.
We all really liked AoA, the only complaint from the kids was that the Big Blue Pool didn’t have a slide, and at peak lunch or dinner times the food court was a bit crowded and hectic.
I used the TP room request fax for all 4 reservations and was able to get us 4 rooms next to each other in nearly the exact location I preferred.