Lapu Lapu


Lapu Lapu…where does one find this amazing drink? I thought I heard Poly but is that correct and if so, is that the only place to enjoy this much talked about libation?


I think it is Lapu Lapu! :grinning: You can get it from Tambu Lounge at the Poly.


Hahaha. Thanks for that! My daughter asked me and she called it Wapu Wapu…I should have researched more :rofl::rofl:
So that’s the only place huh? Oh well, DH and I are resort touring on Monday and will be stopping at the Poly but kids are at MK…too bad so sad. Lol


You can order it at Kona Cafe and 'Ohana (Poly restaurants as well) as well as they are near Tambu Lounge.


But they won’t serve it in a pineapple at Ohana. Not sure about Kona Cafe.


Thanks! Looking forward to trying this!!


I had it in a pineapple at Kona Cafe in June 2017 (ordered it at Kona too).

I have not eaten dinner at 'Ohana, but I have seen vlogs and blog photos of people at 'Ohana with pineapples. I wonder if they changed the policy.


if you get one at Tambu while waiting for your table you can bring it with you once your table is ready

not saying they don’t offer it at Ohana, we’ve just never ordered one once seated


I tried to order one at Ohana last night and was told that I could only get it in a glass not a pineapple. :sob: I ordered a Pina Colava instead!


I ordered it paying OOP and got it in a pineapple on Tuesday this week. Table next to me was on dining plan and told bc of that would get it in a glass.


This was at Ohana.


Huh. We were on the dining plan so I guess that explains it.


I think the alcoholic and specialty beverages on the DDP must be under a certain amount. Lapu Lapu probably exceeds the limit. Perhaps by removing the whole pineapple it can be included in the DDP.


That must be it!


Yes, they charge more for the pineapple. It’s nice to get one that way once…but you save several $$ if you just get it in a glass.


This is good to know, thanks! The pineapple looks fun, but doesn’t enhance the drink. It soaks up some of it and my attempts to cut out the fruit to eat were futile.


I read the Tambu Lounge is closed for refurbishment but they have a couple of temporary bars set up that are substituting for it.


Just got back from poly last night and can confirm Tambu is closed for refurb. There is a temporary bar set up that always seemed open right next the set of stairs facing the window that has the Castle view and then a temporary bar that’s not always serviced right outside Moana Mercantile. The one outside Moana’s has nice little tables and chairs to bring your drinks and sit. Also, noticed that you can order drinks from Kona Island just outside of Kona Cafe and you can always order from Kona Island any items on the menu at Kona Cafe to go. We had a nice dinner “to go” from Kona Cafe that way and drinks were on the menu.

I had the Lapu Lapu at 'Ohana and told our waiter I was not a regular drinker and a bit of a lightweight and he said that Lapu Lapu is the strongest but he would bring out pineapple juice to dilute if I needed it. Like @Pigsispigs said though the pineapple just soaked up all the rum and I didn’t find it strong at all but absolutely delicious! My DH on the other hand ordered the Back scratcher and that one was STRONG! He liked it because he likes whiskey but I didn’t! I like my rum! :wink: