Lanyard and pin trading

How many pins do you typically carry on your lanyard? I bought a bag of pins online for the kids, and there’s more than they’ll need for sure. I let them pick some out and put them on, but it got really heavy and I just know they won’t wear it. So I’m curious how many you or your kids typically wear around with you?

Also, any pin trading tips? Thanks!

Probably 10-12 max at a time. Our usual rule of thumb is wear what you’re looking to trade that day & pull of the “keepers” at night so you don’t accidentally trade/lose them.

So if you have 20, keep some off lanyard until they do some trades and need a new influx of traders.

A lot of resorts will have pin boards at various stores - check those out and/or ask at a resort store about them. There are certain pins that are not for sale and are just given to CM’s to trade so collecting those can be fun and provide unique pins that not just anyone can buy. And obviously the best time to trade with a CM is when they aren’t busy so patience in waiting for the CM to finish checking someone out may be needed. Especially if they have that must have pin you really want…

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