Lanterns at MK - Where Are They

Where do you get the Photo Pass pictures of the Lanterns at night?

The Tangled bathroom area. It’s a great photo op and typically has a decent line.

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Thank you?

I recommend going after HEA. Most people will be headed out and the line will be short.

I did the photo post-HEA back in march - there were only about 3 (small) groups in front of me in line.

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Unless it’s EMH, my DH and I got our photos but we definitely waited in line for at least 45-50 minutes after HEA. Of course, it was extra magic hours and we had a number of Youtubers in front of us taking like 30 photos each haha. Totally worth it, though. We love our photos!


I would love this, but my kids won’t even wait in line for characters, they would probAbly kill me. But it’s with a lantern, don’t you wNt to see a lantern! Lol

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I am thinking about it for my next trip, I never seemed to be in that area of the park at night and forgot I wanted to go look for it LOL. I do wait for characters, but I am not sure how long I will wait for a latern :wink:

It’s one of those things that I want to do, but if the line is super long, I will skip. It will be the day after Christmas after all.

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