LaNouba Where to Sit

Looking to book seats for LaNouba. Would love suggestions on where to sit (or where not to sit). We don’t necessarily need to pay for ultimate premium seats, but want a great view of the whole show without being too close.

There truly is not a “bad” seat in the house. I sat about mid-way back and it was perfect to get the “full view”. I saw “Verakai” in Montreal from the 3rd row, center, and it was also an amazing experience because I could almost touch the performers.

La Nouba is an awesome show, but it’s been there for going on 20 years; I kind of wish they would bring something new in…


With any cirque show I have seen (prob 5 now) the best seats are center mid way up. This is one show where up front is not best. Most of the cirque theaters are small enough that even a seat in the back is not “bad”. Just try to avoid far right/left.

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Thanks for the suggestion!