Lagoon view at Poly

When I look at the room finder, I only see Aotearoa and Tuvalu buildings as options. But, when I look at the Moorea building, it shows it as lagoon view. Just wondering if anyone stayed in the Moorea building with a lagoon view room?

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I am pretty sure that Moorea, Tokelau and Pago Pago are all DVC.

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They are.

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Moorea has great views… but it is DVC…

Ahh ok - that explains it! Thank you everyone for your answers.

But renting DVC points is a good way to experience Moorea!!!

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How have you been by the way?

I have… we had a ground floor room at Moorea… loved having the patio and direct access outside… our room was right between two of the bungalows, so perfect view of the castle/fireworks…

So I’m told… still hoping that DVC rental comes through for me…