Lactose free

Does anyone know if it's possible to find lactose free milk on property anywhere? We are staying at POP and can buy a pint of milk for the room but this year my daughter has lactose issues. We could go anywhere on property to buy if maybe another resort sells the lactose free option.

Can you use Soy Milk? They sell it almost everywhere (QS & TS places) in the juice box sized containers. They usually had vanilla & chocolate.

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Thanks @happytears123 to be honest we haven't tried soy so maybe I will give it a test and see if it works. We tried almond milk but she isn't keen on it. I was hoping for lactose free milk for cereal and having a glass Of milk.

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Never found lactose free. The soy is silk regular in vanilla or chocolate. Tastes better refrigerated. 50's lounge can make soy milkshakes. Chocolate or vanilla. Dole whip is lactose free ( not dairy free). Most quick and table restaurants can do dairy free Mickey waffles. I have severe lactose intolerance and can answer questions

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@wdwfamily3. Thanks for all the info. I just assumed she would either not have a dole whip or would suffer from eating it.

Dole whip is ok as long as it is not a dairy allergy, just a lactose issue. Most table service have Tofutti soy ice cream. Chocolate tastes normal. Beware of downtown Disney restaurants. Many are not Disney owned and have found them to be not as vigilant is dietary issues. Flame tree at AK last year thdbbq chicken was fine. Always ask when ordering. Buffet chefs will go through the line and list ok items and may make her own safe batch of things. Mama melrose had soy cheese last week

Can you get to a nearby supermarket? They will have Lactaid milk. Also rice milk is another option (name brand Rice Dream). Goodings supermarket is right past the downtown Disney hotels. Or maybe a grocery delivery to your hotel is an option.

We aren't renting a car and we are flying this year. We did think about grocery delivery but we do t need much so it's costly. But maybe we could get to goodings if it's not too far.

Has your daughter ever tried Lactaid pills? You chew one with first bite of food containing lactose. They have helped me tremendously. Can get them at any store over the counter.

Dole whip is completely vegan now. Dole changed the recipe. No casein anymore.


No she hasn't but I went to our local drug store and found them. Going to give them a try. Thanks smiley