LaCava Wind Down

DH and I have LaCava Wind Down scheduled in a couple of weeks, but I’m increasingly nervous that he’ll need a wheelbarrow to get me home that night. I love tequila, but is it 3 whole shots? How long do you have to drink it? Can we order additional food to neutralize the magical/dangerous effects of tequila? Thanks for any advice!

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I could be wrong but I don’t think they are full shots. My husband and I are not used to drinking liquor, and we were fine. They also give you vodka as a palate cleanser and a taste of mezcal. There is no way i could have handled five full shots and just got tipsy. Or i have much higher tolerance than i ever suspected, lol. :stuck_out_tongue: They do serve you food and you can order extra food if you wish but you pay extra for that. Not sure if the whole food menu is available or if it’s limited in some way. As for time, about two hours.

I am going for the second time in October. It is a great event! Ok, I do not want to spoil it but there are actually a total of five shots. There is an educational piece and it is a great experience. After the five shots the food is brought out and you can order other drinks. Only the bar was open for additional drinks when I was there. Some people left without ordering another drink ( I stayed and must admit it was such a great time). At 11 a CM walked us to the edge of FW and we walked out of an empty EP. At the buses they asked us what resort we were going to and they called a bus for each group ( we all went to different resorts, we all got our own buses). Buses arrived within minutes…great, great experience!

Thanks! I am excited for this event, but I think I’ll try to go with a full stomach. Not hard after an evening in the WS!

The vodka is at most a tablespoon; just enough to get your tongue wet. If the tequila servings are “full” shots, they are certainly no more than 1 oz. Ditto for the mescal - but one small sip is probably enough to tell you that you don’t really want the whole thing… The whole experience is wonderful - so much so that I did it twice on my last trip…

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