Labor Day trip

Should we cancel our Labor Day trip and just add a few days onto our December trip? Worried September will still be restricted. Only problem is we bought Halloween tickets already

If you’re worried about restrictions, I would cancel and add on in December. I think these next few months will be limited, and only those should go who don’t mind missing out on certain things. There’s a chance the Halloween parties will Be cancelled but you could call right now and give them your confirmation number and ask for a refund. I’ve done that before. I’ve told them I made a mistake and they’ve refunded things in the past that have been “no refundable.”

I haven’t purchased Halloween tickets for my trip in late August, early September for the same reason. It’ll be difficult to re-coup that from Disney, but not impossible. You could always see if they’d exchange the tickets for the Christmas party?

Something to consider before you make a decision on this. What if the much discussed “second wave” of cases happens in fall? It’s possible there may be more restrictions in December than early September. It’s also possible WDW may have to close again over the winter if there if the “second wave” happens.

I’m not advocating you to make a change or not. Just wanted to make sure you were considering those possibilities when making your decision.

One idea – can you keep September for now AND add extra days to December?


I would do this. Costs you nothing to modify current reservation to include more days, and will cost you nothing to modify back if you decide not to keep.

I call this a JIC reservation (Just In Case)

To a bad suggestion, however we are flying , so adding a day just in case may not work