Labor Day... Too hot for little kids?

We’re thinking of doing WDW Labor Day week this year. We have a two and four year old. Any good/bad experiences with the heat? Or tips for staying cool? We are looking at Wilderness Lodge. TIA!

it will be hot for sure, but if you stay hydrated and take multiple cooling breaks, it’s manageable.

WL is nice and close so you can go back to the resort to swim and chill out between the hottest hours of 11-3pm. Naps too.

I noticed on Memorial Day, that many of the table service restaurants had free water available during the day (located just outside the restaurants). And counter service restaurants always have free cups of water or ice available on request.

bring changes of clothes so that the kiddos can splash in the water play areas.

you’ll have a great time!


Great advice from @DarthDopey (as usual!). Just wanted to add that if you are going to have a stroller (I’m guessing you are!) think about getting one of the little battery operated fans that you can clip to the side of it. I saw people with them last trip and wished I’d had one when my son was still using a stroller.

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Go into the parks in morning and evening. Swim or nap early afternoon. Daily rain for short time between 3 and 5. I am from Pa so by Labor Day I survived a whole summer of hot humid weather. Last summer was too cold.

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We’ve done late August with little ones several years in a row (not much different than summers in South Jersey). @DarthDopey pretty much covered our battle plan. The Target C9 brand of wicking wear is a life saver for hot/humid trips. My kids would run through the splash areas to cool off. I always bring a change of clothes in ziplock bags just in case.

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This is great advice! Thank you everyone :slight_smile: it’s hard to imagine that it would ever be too hot for Disney. I appreciate all of the tips for keeping us cool.

We usually go the weekend before for the day… Ds5 has been fine with the heat… We go early, take breaks for snacks inside and eat extra Mickey bars :heart_eyes: also I love my frog togg… It’s saved me when I was prego! Also grab an extra early seat for the parade in the shade… They go fast!

Also assuming you’ll have a stroller, bring something cover them to give them some shade in the stroller.

Also i would make sure to check with the various WDW websites and the WL itself to ensure that there will not be any serious construction going on in the resort and the pool area. Otherwise have a great trip!