Labor Day or Mid-October

I am planning a mom and son trip with my 12 yr old. We are from South Louisiana so hurricanes and heat are the norm for us. We went in October in 2015 and it was pretty crowded for by my standards.

Which time would be best for us to attempt this year??? We can go and spend 4-5 days there and he only has to miss one day of school. Looking to make reservations soon but waiting on school to confirm fall break dates.

Since the heat will not be a deciding factor I would say Labor Day. The discounts will be significant and the crowds much lower.

I’d assume Labor Day would be better as well.
When checking crowd calendars, Labor Day is surprisingly low. But HOT!

We go the week of Labor Day. Crowds are quite reasonable, and the heat isn’t too bad. We had several times when the rides were walk on.

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