Labor Day offer from Magical Vacations Travel

I recently booked a trip to WDW for the Labor Day week with the free dining plan through Small World Vacations. Now I am finding that had I gone through Magical Vacations Travel, it could have saved me a substantial amount of money (although it doesn’t include free dining). Are the deals through MVT too good to be true? Should I be considering cancelling my reservation with Small World Vacations (if that’s even possible) and booking through MVT? Any personal insight you have with either agency would be very much appreciated.

I booked and “agency exclusive” through MVT a few months ago, and have checked - even the 30% room only from disney or the free dining would be more than I paid through MVT. Many Liners have attested to their successful trips through them. Had no trouble with booked trip showing up in MDE and booking my own ADRs. I will without doubt try and book one of their deals for any future trips!

I booked the Labor Day deal. It is room only. I could have booked BC for I think $210 a night. My weekend at Poly (3 nights) averages $241 including tax. I have booked with them before (April with a rate that was lower than the AP rate). Only you can decided what is best for you. Good luck! Maybe request a quote and then see?

I can’t speak about Small World Vacations, but I can say that MVT is not too good to be true. Traveled last year on the Agency Exclusive around Labor Day, and it made the Polynesian affordable for us. We never would’ve stayed there paying rack rate or even 30% off, but this rate made it more like 50% off. That’s huge. It is true that this particular deal does not include free dining, and you cannot add the dining plan onto it, but that doesn’t bother me. It may bother others. I have booked another vacation with them this summer and highly recommend them to friends and family.

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We are traveling via MVT Labor day deal this August and my agent has been amazing. I have a package but the room price (BC) was almost exactly 50% off rack rate. It is about the same price as I paid for CB two years ago.