Labor Day 2018 Trip Report

This was our 3rd Labor Day Trip in a row thanks to the MVT Labor Day deal. Participants in this one include myself (40), DH (42 and not a big Disney person so that makes for a very different trip) and DS9 (for now - his birthday is this month so he calls it his ‘birthday trip’).

DS started school on Tuesday of Labor Day week and had Friday and Monday off. We left from ORH after school on Thursday (tiny, tiny airport with only a few flights per day on JetBlue). DS calls it the ‘tiny airport’. It’s been unbearably hot here which is unusual and unfortunate because in the most of the schools in this region don’t have A/C. With temps higher here than WDW, we were looking forward to getting away.

Here’s DS’s first day of school photo (we moved over the summer, so first photo in front of the new house!)

We arrived at the airport around 8pm. I wanted to make sure we had a full day, so we got a ride from Happy Limo instead of DME. Before we knew it, we had our bags and were on our way.

We stayed at the Grand Floridian for the first time. While we enjoyed it, we decided afterward it was a one and done for us. The style of the rooms just didn’t appeal to us and if we want to stay on the monorail, DS and I decided we like the Contemporary better…but Beach Club is really home.

We ordered a cake and balloons from Disney Floral & Gifts for DS, which wasn’t in the room and did not arrive until just after 10pm at night. This was the first time I experience a delay in delivery. We kept stalling DS who wanted something to eat!

(The balloon played Happy Birthday sung by Mickey…wicked cute)

With travel day in the books, we went to sleep to get ready for our first day at Magic Kingdom!


We are in MA as well and our schools started the Tuesday before Labor Day, then they had an early release Wednesday and Thursday for the heat advisory and were off Friday and Monday. Now that I am seeing how low the crowds have been this past week IO am envious of the people enjoying trips there. We are traveling to WDW Thanksgiving week (flying out of Logan) and staying at the GF. Love BC but excited to try something different and hear the GF is gorgeous. Anyway, looking forward to reading more about your trip.


DH always says that he’ll do whatever I want, but I never believe him and he is not an early riser. I was hoping to hit rope drop, but getting the two of them moving in the morning is difficult (if it’s just me and DS, no problem…but when DH is here, he takes his lead from DH…grrrrr). They ate donuts in the room and I got them out the door around 8:45.

We decided to try the boat, and this was definitely my favorite part of the Grand Floridian. We were the only ones on it leaving from GF and a quick stop at Poly to get another couple and we were on our way…very relaxing!

First stop, castle pictures before we were completely sweaty and gross

Side note, I got some new leg braces and this was the first trip to try them out - they worked beautifully! Aren’t they stylish?

First up was POTC (early enough with no wait). The Splash with our first FPP.

Followed by BTMRR (DH actually rode - he usually skips due to bad back, but it was fine). The heat started to get to them, so we opted to take the train to Fantasyland for our Tomorrowland FPP.

We did a quick standby on Buzz (with me the winner - DS claims I cheat because I researched the points ahead of time - I tell him it’s just being prepared). FPP on Space for me and DS. And lunch at Tony’s. Now, I despise Tony’s and can’t remember the last good meal I had there, but DH liked it. I’m happy to say he finally got a horrible meal as well and it’s now way off the list!

DS wanted the pool, so we bailed and took the boat back. It was now my mission to get a SDD FP for the evening…will we have luck???


After getting back to GF, DS and I headed down to the feature pool. DS loved it. He participated in some of the poolside games and enjoyed the water slide. In the meantime, I showed DH how to modify FastPasses to try for the SDD FPP. We were at the pool about 2 hours. As we entered the room, DH told us he finally was just able to get the FPP from 5:55-6:55.

We had been to WDW in June just prior to Toy Story Land opening, so we were excited to finally get to check it out.

It was really cute. The lack of shade and A/C was disappointing, but the new rides were a lot of fun! We did standby by of 25 minutes for Aliens and then did our SDD FPP thanks to DH (he stayed off both and just watched).

Unfortunately, the ride photo for SDD wasn’t working, so that was a disappointment. But DS declared it was his favorite ride at WDW (it’s just behind FOP for me!). Nice and smooth like 7DMT, but faster. Word of warning - DS pulled the lap bar in wayyyy too tight and he started to panic when he couldn’t breathe. I had to flag down the CM just before they sent us, who came over and released all the restrains on our car and reset them. He didn’t make it quite as snug that time!

DH and DS were hot and tired, so we headed back via Minnie Van (they were slightly easier to get this time than last trip - they said they have added capacity). They wanted room service pizza and we settled in for the night.


Next day was Epcot day. The first Saturday of F&W festival, somwe expected crowds. We got out of the room around 8:45 this time and called for another Minnie Van. I had them drop us at BC so we could avoid the main gate crowds and enter through IG (just walking into BC and smelling the fragrance of the lobby, I told DH that this was home). Quick walk to the IG and no wait through security, we headed to Nemo. I like going to Nemo and the tanks first thing because everyone is at the headliners. It’s nice and quiet and we have the place almost to ourselves.

Next stop was our FPP for Soarin. It’s always one of my favorites. Then Spaceship Earth FPP. It stopped several times and at one point two CMs walked by Rome and asked if anyone dropped anything. I was convinced DH would finally experience his first evacuation, but eventually they got us on our way.

We usually make a morning stop at Starbucks for DS’s cookie and my cupcake and tnis trip was no different. I forgot a perfect spot in the shade in the concrete shrubbery seating between SE and Starbucks but DH was so proud to actually get a table outside Starbucks, I abandoned my prime spot (lesson learned…my spot was better!). Snack consumed, we were off to Mission Space Green (Orange makes me ill!). DS and I did MS and I was able to get a FPP for Test Track right after.

Before TT, we stopped at the new playground at the back of MouseGear. DS declares it lots of fun.

DS worked hard at building his car at TT and we were off on our test drive.

We had lunch planned at LeCellier - DS’s request. We skipped it in June and he missed his Poutine. DS got his Poutine, I had some Poutine and DH got a steak with the 3 course meal. I think they changed the French fries in the Poutine. It was still good, but to me not quite as good as the previous French fries.

I dragged them to the festival building to shop for gifts for my mom and Dad who were watching our dog.

It was around 3pm after shopping and DS wanted the pool again. We headed back to the resort and headed for the pool. After a nice swim, we sent DH to Gasparilla Grill for dinner and again we called it an early evening.


Same here!

I am so envious! Looking forward to the time when DH and I can go solo and are not beholden to school and sports schedules


That’s awesome. I tried all day and never did get the FPP for it. I will say that using the browser vs the app showed more options. Which is good for people like us who know, but really crappy for people who wouldn’t. Not fair, really.

We were there then too! WS was a madhouse! But as we had no real plans for the afternoon over there, we just made our way around the lake and had a nice day anyway. We didn’t arrive to EP til noon, having slept in after MNSSHP the night before. We stayed through til after Illuminations, which we watched from La Hacienda


I loved watching from La Hacienda! So relaxing!

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Great report and pics

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GF was gorgeous, especially the lobby. And walking the grounds was really peaceful.

Back to school on Tuesday was rough with temps high again - I can’t wait to hear how his day was today with it finally cooling down!


Loved report and pictures. Am at WDW now and can’t believe how low the crowds are.

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Less than when we were both there for spring break? I mean it was empty around Easter!! :laughing:

I loved reading your trip report! Thanks for sharing!

Loved your report! Great pictures! Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us!

What a great Disney weekend! Thanks for sharing!

Great report!

Sounds like a perfect long weekend