La Nouba tickets as a holiday gift

Just wanted to share an experience I had with Disney reservations which took almost 90 minutes on the phone to resolve. My parents will be at WDW next April and I wanted to give them a pair of tickets to La Nouba while they were down there. The online purchasing site would not process my credit card for some reason and thankfully so. When I called Disney reservations, they informed me that the tickets were non-transferable and I couldn’t purchase tickets for others unless I was physically there to pick up the tickets at the box office the day of the performance.

The agent suggested that she could transfer me to someone in Itineraries who could sell me a Disney prepaid card for a pair of tickets and my parents would then call to make their own reservation and pick up tickets themselves. She came back on the line and said this policy had changed and they could no longer do this. She placed me on hold so she could speak with a supervisor. After working some Disney magic, they were going to put a note on the reservation that tickets would be sent to a non-paying party and would be accepted at the theater after showing proper identification.

Hopefully this will not be an issue when they go to the performance. I was thankful I had an agent that refused to give up (unlike my first call) even after spending over an hour on this problem. She earned my praise on that call. I just can’t believe there isn’t a easier way to purchase tickets to this show as a gift for others.

That’s pretty silly. It’s always strange to me when a company doesn’t offer an easy way for someone to purchase their product or service as a gift.