La Nouba & Dinner Special

This may be old news but I ran across an ad for a special package for dinner and a show at La Nouba. If you were already planning on seeing it it's now $99 for the show plus dinner at either WGP, PH, or Splitsville. Good on select dates from 9/30 - 11/22.|7892001|1009039|107185826|59526418


You're so helpful @Outer1.

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You're so awesome @SallyEppcot

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We should continue this mutual admiration exchange. You have mad research skillz @Outer1.

I too am fond of an often used thesaurus.

Your grammar is wonky, but I'm going to assume there were typos and auto-correct issues at play. wink

Darn... I lost already.

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You didn't lose! I do get confused by Internet witticisms. Which did you mean? "I too am fond of an often-used thesaurus." or "I too am fond of, and often use, a thesaurus."

I wonder if anyone will notice we have our own little open thread happening over here?

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The first one lol. I don't believe I actually own a thesaurus, though I do enjoy speaking to those with more plentiful vocabularies.

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I used to have a spectacular vocabulary. Sadly, most of it has been lost to the brain-damaging baby years. Sigh. I used to be something. I used to be a contender.

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Wow, this seems like a really good deal - how much are La Nouba tickets separately? I guess that's what determines whether it's a good deal or not.