La Nouba at beginning or end of trip?

Feel like helping me weigh my options? For a first trip to La Nouba, would you rather do it on the first full day of your trip, or the last full day of your trip? Looking at tickets, and my only options are a Saturday night (at beg of trip) or a Tuesday night (our last night.)

We’re also going to be doing HDDR, probably…

I’d do the first day, I think I’d be bummed if the park wasn’t the last stop for me.

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I too would do my first day.

Have never been to LaNouba but have seen Cirque in Vegas. I would do the first day, as it doesn’t require a park ticket you can do this the first night you arrive if you are like us and have a travel day on day 1.

Thanks, folks! So far it’s three votes for the beginning of the trip. We actually have APs, and it will have to be the day after arrival, our first full park day… Still thinking it over. DD7’s been asking for it for a reallllyyyy long time. :slight_smile:

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Are you booking the ticket and dinner special?

I also agree with beginning. By the end of a trip I’m frquently so tired I’d be afraid of falling asleep in a nice dark, cool, comfy theater seat - no matter HOW good the show is (I suffered a bit of this at “O” in Vegas…) LN is an awesome show - the best live entertainment in WDW, if not in all of Orlando.

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It was your link to the special that got me thinking about the show again, thanks! But no, not doing the dinner special. This trip it will just be me and DD7 on our own, so the nicer longer expensive meal isn’t worth it for us this time – she’ll be overjoyed about a hotdog.
But she has been asking to go to this show for more than two years, and I think I am finally going to splurge. :slight_smile:

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