La Hacienda de San Angel to view Illuminations?

As for Illuminations, after reading your book I was not very eager to plan and find a spot 60 or 90 minutes in advance with my large group of 10 people (6 of them kids), so was looking for an alternative among the ones you suggest. It turned out I found a table at La Hacienda at 7.45pm for my party of 10 (the show that day starts at 9pm) so as suggested in the book I booked it for 1h and 15 minutes before the show starts.

My question is the following: I am not guaranteed a table by the window. I was told I would have to request that at the restaurant. So in case I were provided a table with no direct views of the show, do you think we would be able to walk up from our tables and stand up somewhere at the restaurant with direct views to see the show?

Any experiences or suggestions?

“Could” you? Probably, but you would seriously be encroaching on other diners’ “personal space”; I would not. I don’t even try to get a table during Illuminations; I eat first and watch later. I’m not sure where the 60-90 minutes comes from, but I’ve never lined up much more than 20 min prior and have never had a problem finding a spot.

The lagoon is huge and you can most definitely find a good spot without a 90 minute wait @dnunez. But having said that, the hacienda is gorgeous and is perfectly located. You can politely stand behind a window table I guess… Just not on top!

Thank you. That is good to know. I had the impression after reading the book that you needed 60 minutes to catch a good spot and with 6 kids on our party did not seem like a good idea. I guess will try to be there 7.30 and wait for a good table

Thanks. Yep the idea of enjoying margaritas while watching the show seems tempting enough as to go a bit earlier to wait for a good table

Have one to my health and have a great time! :wink:

Actually, between Mexico an Norway is one of my favorite spots to watch IllumiNations. I almost ALWAYS have a margarita in hand.

Really? I always hit canada/uk, used to have a beaver tail in hand! :cry:

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Will do!
Thanks :smiley: