La Cellier vs. Yachtsman vs. Shula's

I’m going to WDW for my birthday! As a treat while we’re there, we got help with the kids and my wife wants to take me out to dinner. I want the best possible steak on property. Atmosphere matters a tiny bit. Quality of side items matters a tiny bit. Quality of bourbon selection matters a tiny bit. But mainly, I want the best possible steak I can put in my mouth. I mention the three in my headline but I’m wide open to other suggestions as well. Thanks!

There are many opinions on this, and what makes a “best” steak is highly subjective… Of the three I’ve only been to Le Cellier, and have had very good steaks there. There seems to be a 50/50 split on whether people like Yachtsman or Le Cel better. There have been some who have very vocally said that Shula’s is the best steak on property, but I typically don’t go to “chain” restaurants when I’m at WDW. I don’t “know”, but I’m guessing Shula’s would have the best bourbon selection. Le Cellier is fairly small, low ceilings, kind of dark, and the most likely to have lots of kids. Shula’s is somewhat "formal’ with dark wood and white table cloths, but all of the wall art is football pictures. Yachtsman is a bit more contemporary and “casual” elegant; lighter wood, more windows, etc.

I will add that I have had excellent steaks at California Grill and Jiko as well, either of which I would go to again before I went back to Le Cellier. On the flip side, the one steak dinner I had at the Boathouse in DS was disappointing on virtually all counts.

I’m like you and am a steak man. Fillet steak for me every time

We’ve had two ten/eleven night hols to disney/universal in the last 5 years

We always stay near epcot on the disney part of our holiday as we love dining out at night and it offers the best options.

So I’ve eaten steak at le celier twice.

It’s good but although Canada and Epcot are a a great location I find the restaurant to be a bit boring inside. No views and packed tables almost basement like. This wouldn’t be my choice.

In Epcot Monsieur Paul in France is better it’s on a second floor with firework views and it’s a great experience and steak as good if not better than le celier

At this stage I will also say the steak in Tiffins in Animal Kingdom is great and that’s an awesome restaurant full stop. Close to pandoras world as well

Also we had a great steak at Palm in hard rock hotel universal which also does great lobster.

But im guessing from your 3 choices you are staying in or near epcot that night?

If so then I can honestly say having had fine dining most nights we’ve been in Orlando on both holidays without doubt Hollywood Brown Derby in Hollywood studios was the best steak both times

This place is great for atmosphere as well. I thoroughly recommend it.

But it’s important to request a booth table to experience a meal and situation like the Hollywood Legends would have experienced at the original Brown Derby restaurant

That’s my recommendation with Monsieur Paul a very good alternative.

Good luck and enjoy wherever you finally decide

We’ve not tried the yacht club or shulas yet but I do hope to try shulas at some stage but we prefer being in the parks at night tbh

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That’s interesting about Boathouse because I’ve heard rave reviews. Was your experience soured because of poor food quality or was it more a service issue?

Thanks for the feedback!

I LOVE HBD but I’ve only ever had the wagyu beef burger there. Good tip, thank you!!

I think Monsiuer Paul is one of the most underrated restaurants in WDW. IMHO it and Jiko have the best food in WDW, outside of V&A. I didn’t include it in my discussion because I have never had the steak there. But if the steak is as good as the other food I’ve had there, it would be near the top of my list.

The service was excellent - probably the highlight of the dining experience. Part of the issue is the expense. It’s expensive even for a Disney signature. My ($8.00) salad was fairly tasty, but very small. The Filet, although cooked rare the way I like it, was lacking in taste and was quite dry. And it came with nothing else of the plate except a small dish of steak sauce (tasty, if you like sauce on your steak). The oven roasted potatoes ($8.00) were the highlight of the meal; perfectly cooked and a HUGE portion; easily enough for 2 or 3.Another part of the problem may have been my table. I was in the bar area, near the entrance, and it was very noisy. In addition to the noise of the restaurant, I had the noise of all of the people waiting for tables, 2 or 3 competing live music acts outside of the restaurant, plus the live music inside the restaurant. Oh, and a not very large domestic beer was $8.00. It wasn’t “bad”, but I’ve had better meals at any one of the other signatures, in a better environment, for less money.

I agree with this too; HBD has very good food, but I’ve never had a steak there. I have a very good steak house in my home town, so I don’t actually order a lot of steaks when I go to WDW; rarely more than once per trip.

Agree with comments regarding Boathouse. Trendy upscale nautical astmophere but pricey and LOUD. Even in the dining rooms away from the bar. Great service for just okay food. No fresh oyster in the world is worth $6+ a piece. It was one & done for hubby & I. I suggest you post this question on the chat. Lots of experienced eaters there. You’ll get more feedback.

Of the three on your list I’d say Shula’s probably has the best steak, closely followed by the Yachtsman. However, the Bull & Bear at the Waldorf Astoria Bonnet Creek blows them away. Superb.

I had lunch at Le Cellier and I found the food to be excellent. The fries were the most delicious fries I’ve ever had at any restaurant anywhere in the world. Ever.

But, as others have observed, it’s not the nicest restaurant physically.

I also had lunch at Tiffins and it was the best meal of my entire stay. Superb steak.

Although I have repeatedly panned California Grill, I didn’t have the steak there but I did see the steak and it looked great. Just make sure you demand – and get – a good table.

My son declares it his favorite restaurant at DS just because of the Parker House Rolls. I’ve had to put my foot down and tell him I’m not spending the money that Boathouse requires for rolls!

They were very good rolls; I’ll have to give them that… :slight_smile:

My favorite steak in Disney is at Yachtsman. And for more detail: I like my fillet mooing.

My qualifications aren’t strong but here is the baseline…favorite steak in DC @ Four Seasons’ Bourbon Steak, best “always great” @ The Palm, best “cook at home” is from Costco.

Looking into Bull and Bear. Supes expensive but looks AWESOME. Can anyone else recommend?

Haven’t had Tiffin’s. May have to add that to the candidate list. Heard great things!

Just looked at the Bull and Bear menu. Holy crap that’s expensive - and this from someone who eats signature most nights. With the really excellent choices elsewhere on property, I would not pay those prices just for the "treat’ of eating off-site at the Waldorf.