My family took our 4th visit to WDW May 9th thru the 14th. This was our first time using TP, which came highly recommended by my cousin and fellow liner @ejj
As I’ve already told him, this may have been our shortest trip but it was also one of the best. We’ve never covered that much ground before. All of my plans were set for relaxed pace/minimize walking. My family was totally amazed that we hardly waited on any lines. They had been humoring me with my obsessive planning but I’m the one with the last laugh.
The parks were definitely not empty, we just had great plans thanks to this site and my cousin and his helpful input.
I’m never on Liners chat, but I had to reach out to ask about places to charge ECVs and in less than an hour I had screenshots on my phone for places in all 4 parks for the rest of the trip.
I also have to give a big shout out to all of the May Liners on the FB page. What a great group of people! I wish I could have met some of them in person, I guess we will all have to plan a reunion trip there next year:sunglasses:
Again, thank you Len and TP for a great trip!


I’m glad you had a great trip!

This thrills me to no end. Maybe now the extended family will finally believe me when I say we don’t wait on lines at Disney. Maybe we can make liners out of a few of them.

I’d say you’re a jedi knight now, no longer a padawan. After the next trip, you’ll be a master.


Congratulations on your well planned trip!:grinning:

So glad to hear your trip was great!