Kudos Reservation Finder & Sci-Fi Dine-In Question

Can we all agree that the Touring Plans Reservation Finder is one of the most fabulous things ever!?! Many thanks to the staff members who have made this gem possible.

Due to the fabulousness that is TP’s Reservation Finder, I just nabbed a December 30 4pm reservation at Sci-Fi Dine-In. Our original plan was to rope drop HS, stay until 1:30/2:00pm and then have a relaxed afternoon/evening in our hotel before braving MK to see the pre-New Year’s fireworks. However, now that Disney is bringing back the Star Wars fireworks at 6:15pm in HS we are thinking about taking a mid-day break at the hotel (Contemporary) and coming back to HS for the fireworks. This would mean shortening our morning so we could build in enough travel time back and forth, therefore shifting some activities to the evening at HS post-fireworks. So here are my questions:

  1. Is that a crazy idea? It will be crowd level 10 and we can’t uber/lyft since we have a 5 and a 7 year old who legally must be in carseats, so I’m thinking the bus is our only option. I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons of lugging the kiddos back and forth for the ADR and fireworks.

  2. Will a 4pm ADR allow us enough time to eat and decent spot to see the fireworks at 6:15? I’m thinking we will be cutting it close. I keep waiting for Disney to offer a dessert party for the fireworks, but so far nothing…they haven’t even listed the fireworks show on My Disney Experience yet. (I’m going to be really bummed if this turns out to be fake news and the fireworks really aren’t coming back on December 30!)

  3. If we try to find an ADR after the firework show, what is the earliest you would book? 7:00pm?

Also, I want to thank this community for being so wonderful about answering questions! I honestly don’t know how I would have planned anything without your advice and tips. A Touring Plan membership has been the best investment I’ve made for our trip! Thank you!!!


Can’t really help with the break part of your question, sorry.

But the Star Wars fireworks show is listed on the park schedule on the Disney site, so it is happening! I don’t think there will be a dessert party tho, because there’s already one for the Jingle Bam show later.

We’re going to be at the Contemporary (BLT ) then too, and we’re doing HS on the 30th… But we’re starting a bit later and staying for Fantasmic. The benefits of having older kids who can’t do Jedi Training anymore. (When we did this, you simply queued up before each show and the first 30 kids got chosen. It was so easy. I really feel for anyone who wants to do it these days).

Anyway, I was SO happy to see Star Wars showing , and at a time we can do. Our F! Dining time is 4:20, and I’m thinking we just do the best we can for viewing. I don’t want to be hanging about for ages.

As for getting an ADR for after, I think it depends on where it is, it could take a while to get through everyone if you’re going against the flow. 7 or 7:15 seems reasonable.

I can’t answer any of your timing questions, but I absolutely agree the Reservation Finder is great! I snagged BOG and CRT for my sister who is on a hastily planned trip. Have a great trip!

I’ll only comment on the uber/car seat issue. In all my research I’ve understood that boosters are required up to age 5. And my research further indicates that uber drivers don’t give a hoot, so if you are comfortable putting your kids in the car without boosters you won’t have any trouble. There is a vagueness to the booster seat law; if you consider uber cars to be hired cars in the same category as limos, then they’re exempt from car seat requirements. It doesn’t seem there have been any conclusive rulings in FL on whether uber cars fall under that category, or if they’re to be treated as private cars the same as if a friend gave you a ride and you chipped in for gas. (In the latter case, all the car seat regulations would apply.)

My kids are also 5 and 7 and I’ve been researching it a lot.

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Thank you so much! Natalie.lawy, we looked into the Uber more and you are right about the ages. This may work out afterall. Thank you for that tip!

No prob! Good luck with sorting out your logistics. :slight_smile:

We’ve got a travel inflatable seat for our 5 year old, it’s decent and folds down into a small bag. I also have a 7 year old. We will be in HS this Wednesday, I decided against the afternoon break, because even using uber it takes up too much time to get there and back. I would think of Sci Fi as your break, maybe let your 5 year old have a nap in the buggy during the afternoon, and don’t plan anything after the SW fireworks. Not sure yet whether I will regret not having an afternoon break, but if we leave the park before Fantasmic, we will have the opportinity to come back another evening if we want to. If you do decide to go back to the hotel then move your sci fi to a different day before cancelling it.

Thanks Tate! Since you have ubered at Disney before, could you give me an idea of what I can expect time wise from an uber vs. Magical Express? I’m toying with paying for the new Magical Express option that takes you from park to park and drops you off in the middle of the park rather than the front entrance. My hesitation with this is that we aren’t really jumping from park-to-park as much as we are going to a park then heading back to our hotel and then heading to a different park. Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to purchase this unless it drastically cuts down on time, but perhaps an uber will do that. Thoughts?