KSC Tips?

Tomorrow I’m spending the day at the Kennedy Space Center. I have pre-booked my entry ticket, along with lunch and a bus tour add-on.

Any tips for a first-timer? :slight_smile:

DH and I were totally surprised at how long we spent there - the whole day, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We really enjoyed it, took our time reading all the signs on the exhibits. But then, we’re engineers, and saw the early broadcasts of launches in school assemblies while in the lower primary grades. It’s a big place!

Good to know! Are most activities and exhibits indoors, out of the sun?

It’s a mix. Some things are inside, but rockets are big, and so they are outside. Plus, the buses take you all around the complex, letting you hop on and off at various places for as long as you want. Have you looked at the website? https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/ . This is their map: https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/info/maps .They now have an app you can download for smartphones.


I think most of the time you are indoors, but you go outside to walk to other buildings at the main visitor complex, and to see the “Rocket Garden” exhibit of rockets. There are some outdoor things to see along the bus routes, such as a lookout tower (it has an elevator).

Gee, looking at the KSC site and remembering our visit, now I’m eager to go there again. Looks like there might have been some updates or changes - for the better!

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Thanks! Yes, I have looked at the website and it seemed like most things were indoors… but the photos of the grounds show basically ZERO shade, so I was a little worried.

I’m excited! It’s been on my wishlist for each solo trip, but this is the first time I am actually carving out a day in my schedule to head over there!

Tip, try the ice cream.

VGo to their website. They have a kind of TP thing!

There’s an explanation of everything to do, you can choose what you’d like to do and they suggest an itinerary and how long it will take (6 hrs, 1 day, 2 days etc).

Or you can do it the other way. Enter how long you have, and they will suggest what to do.

My suggestions; as someone who usually goes for 2 days, this is what I suggest for a first trip.

See Atlantis - this is probably better for little ones who might not have the concentration to appreciate the Saturn 5.

The bus tour to the Apollo Saturn 5, if you have the extra couple hours it will take. It’s a coach journey of maybe 20 minutes there and back.

The new Astronaut Hall of Fame

The rocket Garden - replicas and real, fun to climb in and out of for kids

IMAX or Mission to Mars (kids).

Take 5 minutes to pay tribute at the Astronaut Memorial