KS- Sunset/Night

For our Feb trip we want to do the safari a little later since my daughter was disappointed that she didn’t see the cheetahs (granted she could very well be disappointed again…) With the new closing time of 6:30 and sunset for the day we are going at 6:21pm when would be a good time to try and get a FPP for the safari so it’s dark enough for animals but not completely dark. I know there are errors in the TP with the closing times since it still reads 7:30pm so I really want to try and plan this correctly since FPP day is coming up. TIA!

Sounds like the 5:30 to 6:30 window would work.

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They actually run KS after dark now, don’t they? But I’d stick with going no later than civil twilight which ends about 1/2 hour after sunset, I would think the animals would be too hard to see after that since in my state one cannot hunt after civil twilight. That’s the time we plan to go when we’re there in May.

SO I’d second @mgrayar 's idea and try to be there close to the end of the window, earlier if it’s overcast.

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We did a later safari tonight. The FPP line was huge. We got in line right at 5:30 and didn’t get on until 5:50 and it was completely dark by the time we got off at 6:10. We saw hippos, giraffes, wildebeast, alligators, and lions. Did not see cheetahs and could hardly see anything by the end. Just so you have one person’s evening safari experience!

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good to know! Will compare sunsets now versus Feb and keep that in mind. We usually have to point things out to my kids several times before they see it in the broad daylight so I want the later hours for the animals yet want the kids to actually be able to see them!