KS at AK

Hi everyone
Quick question regarding the safari start times. I seem to remember someone in this forum or in chat mentioning that sometimes the animals are not ready at 9 am. Is it better to have a FP around 10am in case the animals are having issues?

As always - I appreciate this group so much and all of your wisdom!

I just had the most wonderful KS last week. I looked back at my pics and we boarded around 1 pm. I had done KS before and saw maybe half as many animals as I saw this time.

@Kitty_Ellas_Mom Thanks for the info. It is good to hear that the animals remain active later in the day!

A study done found no real advantage to time of day.


@bigmikeh1965_639024 I was more worried about the attraction not being open at exactly 9:00 am. Does that ever happen?

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I don’t remember hearing about it not being open at 9AM. I have heard it “slowed” due to an animal hanging out in the truck path and thus delaying things - which frankly can be cool if you’re on a truck in a good spot as it likely means you get an up close & personal look at an exotic animal.

We’ve been a little late to Tusker House due to that…

Lol, we completely missed a fastpass because the whole family of giraffes just wanted to take turns playing in the road. The ride ended up taking around 45-50 minutes, but we got some great photos because they were also being very curious about our truck.

I believe that was sometime before noon.


I’ve never experienced that.

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