Kringla Kafe and allergens

I must be blind. But when I look at the menu on Disney’s website for Kringla Kafe, there is a footnote discussing allergens, but I can’t actually find any link where I can view the known allergens, etc.

I do see that there is one item listed made with Pecans, which two of my kids would need to worry about…but where I can actually view allergen information?

I’m hoping to make this a potential “snack” stop-off in our Epcot plan…but if I knew ahead of time that it was off limits, I could make other arrangements in the plan.

I know they had a printed ingredient list available at the counter, but can’t help you with pre-arrival planning. DS3 has an egg allergy and the only thing he could have was a parfait, which he loved so it was a win anyways. Good luck.

Okay, thanks. That will help…just wish I knew ahead of time! But we’ll deal.

Ask someone that likes you to send you a copy when you know someone will be in epcot. But that only works if you haven’t upset everyone already (just kidding):rofl:


This is actually a good idea. I’ll be there during marathon weekend. I could post a photo for you @ryan1. You’ll just need to remind me.

Thanks. When is marathon weekend? I will add a reminder for myself to remind you. :slight_smile:

Uh oh…

January 9-12

I’ve added a reminder in the notes on my TP.

You’re awesome! :slight_smile:


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