Kona v. Whispering Canyon for Breakfast

Please tell me which you prefer, and why. Bonus if you have kids 6 and under. Thank you!

I have not been to Whispering Canyon (the idea of it doesn’t appeal to me…though if they truly have toned down the antics I might look into it).

I did eat breakfast at Kona once during my February trip, and while my mimosa flight was incredible and my gluten-free Mickey Waffles with the strawberry sauce were great, my server really turned me off of going back. I had one of the first ADRs, and she seemed genuinely annoyed that they seated an opening ADR in her section. She was just cold to me the whole time. About 30 minutes into my breakfast, a pair of women came in and were seated a couple of tables away. It was pretty obvious they had come in before because the server all but sat down and chatted with them. I had to get her attention to get my check, and she practically threw it at me. Made me never want to go there again - even though the other servers seemed perfectly fine. One bad apple and all that.

I have been to both. I always found that the antics never started until later breakfasts ( I always go early). I much prefer Kona- love the food- but it is a boring restaurant. The monorail is close, but it is not really themed. For children I would say WCC.