Kona Cafe or Wave?

Looking for a dinner for one of our MK evenings…have done Ohana pat few trips but didn’t get it this time, would like to try something we’ve never had, maybe on the monorail loop (which is why I’m looking at Wave and KC). Never been to Wave, and the reviews I get are almost 50/50 awful or fabulous, lol. No in between. We did do Kona lunch a few years ago and we all liked it which is what made me think to check for dinner. Anyone have a review of either experience for dinner? It will be myself, DH, DS(8) and DD(10). Thanks!

I’ve done both for dinner. Liked the Kona dinner. Loved the Wave. The proximity to the MK is a nice bonus. Have you looked at the menus?

I have done Kona for lunch and the Wave for dinner. I definitely liked the Wave for dinner, we had very good entrees. Personally, I think we would prefer the atmosphere at the Wave for dinner over Kona. The Contemporary just has a great, chill vibe. I love the Polynesian, but for some reason the O’hana dinner madness would turn me off of Kona at dinner time. Kona at lunch is like a whole different restaurant.

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In the past year we’ve eaten at Kona three times, one breakfast and two dinners, and the service and food were very good. We also ate breakfast once at the The Wave and the service was bad and the food was mediocre. Like you wrote people seem to either love or hate The Wave. Have a great trip @haylekk

Thanks I appreciate all the input! Looking at both menus now. I really think my husband and I would love either but the kids would definitely favor Kona. We love the environment at Poly too. I think I’m a bit too weary of Wave b/c of the extreme opposite reviews!

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