Kona Cafe French Press Coffee work on dining plan?

I’m headed down in 10 days and have a breakfast reservation at Kona Cafe. I’ve heard the pot of french press is a must-have but I’m curious to know if this is an option for people on the dining plan or if it will need to be paid out of pocket. I’ll be there with my wife and daughter and seeing as my wife and I would both get coffee anyways would it be possible for us to just get the one pot of press or are single mugs in our future?


I dunno but I’m following this because I’m curious myself.

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Just an update for you: Just got back from my trip to Walt Disney World. Went to Kona twice, got french press pot using dining plan twice! My wife and I split it both times, not sure if you have to split it or if they give it to individuals, though. It was sooo good