Kona Cafe 7:30AM reservation from Pop Century

I have a 7:30AM reservation for Kona Cafe at the Polynesian

What is the best way to get there in time using Disney transportation

I think your only option using resort transportation would be the early ADR bus from Pop (ask at the desk but I would be leaving no later than 6:30) to MK and then the resort monorail to Poly (I do not think the boat runs that early but if the monorail is not working you can ferry to TTC and walk to Poly. This is definitely one of those times that getting a taxi or Uber at 7:00 and paying the 10-20 dollars could be “worth it” considering how much time and stress it will save.

Yeah I agree on the taxi or Uber route. You are guaranteed to get there on time and you won’t have to leave as early.