Known bug in categories page

Right now there’s another bug in the categories page that deals with showing the number of new topics in each sub-category. It’s been submitted to Discourse (the company who makes the software) and acknowledged as a bug by their team, and when they have a fix, I’ll apply it to the forum.

Basically, all sub-categories that share the same name, like “Hotels and Lodging” will show a New Topics count equal to the new topics count of the last sub-category with that name. For example, if WDW Hotels and Lodging has 3 new topics, but Disneyland Hotels and Lodging has 4, both sub-categories will show 4 new topics.

Sub-categories are a new feature for the discussion software, so Discourse is still ironing out a few kinks with it. This post is just to notify everyone that for the time being, the new topics count on the Categories page, for the sub-categories will be incorrect.

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Discourse released a bug fix for this yesterday evening and I applied it this morning. New Topic counts on sub categories should now be fixed.