Knoebles day trip

Thought I’d share a local park day with you guys from yesterday. Had a great time, 75 degrees and a nice breeze.

Knoebles is an hour away from us in Elysburg, PA. It’s a free admission, free parking, bring a picnic lunch, bring your dog, amusement park. You can buy a wrist band or pay as you go. Weis Markets sells discount $20 ticket books for $16.

This is the Grand Carousel. It got the golden ticket award for best carousel 14 years since 2001. If you’re on an outside horse, you try to grab rings and see who can get the most. There is one bronze ring, which gets you a free ride. No seat belts.

There’s my two about falling off:

This is the Impulse, at the beginning it’s straight up and straight down :grimacing:

These Bumper Cars are THE BEST in America. There is a metal band around the rubber bumpers, so they hit hard. And they are fast. People have been known to get neck and back injuries on these. I would come here as a kid and ride them all night non stop. I’ve had so many people get mad at me for slamming them too hard. :joy:

This is the Log Flume water ride, always enjoy this one.

Here is the Twister, it’s the newer wooden roller coaster. Very fast and rough.

The Antique Cars

DD was our chauffeur

Another old loud playing organ in the park

The Flying Turns is like a bobsled on a half pipe, unfortunately not running this time.

There are various places in the park marking flood levels. Knoebles sits in a valley between mountains.

Back in the day where we sold Christmas Trees, we built a covered bridge over a creek at our old barn and got the design off of this one right here.

The Cosmotron is like a spinning concert.

This is the Pioneer Train which goes under the Twister and into the woods and campground area.

I finally tried the Gator Bites. Kinda tasted like chicken.

The Haunted Mansion is great. They changed a few things since last time. Small kids frequently come out crying. :joy:

The Phoenix is a very old coaster. It got the 2019 Golden Ticket award for best wooden coaster in the world. There are 6 little hills where you are weightless. And there is about 8 inches between the 2 person lap bar and the top of your legs. It is wicked.


You documented the park very well.

Love it there! I didn’t know that they have that new coaster.

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Yep, the Twister opened in 1999.

Looks fun!

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Not Twister…the Impulse

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Ah yes, it’s right near the entrance.

Looks like a fun little (?) park! I love the old-timey feel of the place! Maybe next time we do a trip out in PA, we can check it out. We’ve done Hershey Park and Idlewild. Considered doing Kennywood, but haven’t gotten there. I’d heard of Knoebels, but never really checked it out before!

But…we are heading to Cedar Point tomorrow for a day trip!

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It’s pretty big. 150 acres I think. A lot of other parts I didn’t share.

We are 25 minutes away from Hershey Park, but have lost our enthusiasm for it for various reasons.

We enjoyed it, but had originally planned to go there 2 days. Instead, after one day, we felt we had done it all, so the second day went to Six Flags Great Adventure instead. (We had a season pass for Six Flags, so it didn’t really cost us anything.)

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Had to share this, Phoenix voted best roller coaster in the world!

It has been on my list of places to go, but we haven’t been yet. Apparently, it is only two hours away!

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