Kiss Goodnight at MK

Has anyone here stayed in MK for the “kiss goodnight”, what is it exactly? I hear it’s 30-40 minutes after park close, and this may sound dumb so forgive me…but will the CMs just let you linger around after park close? How long till they start politely directing you to exit? We’ve been in ride lines or in the shops right before/at close before, therefore exited the park 20 minutes or so after “close” but never thought about lingering, just proceeded to the exit.

CM’s will let you linger to a point. Security starts from the back of the park, slowly moving toward the front of the park. And I do mean slowly… they wait at each attraction for the very last guest to come out and they wait for the last guest out of each store. As long as you’re ahead of the security, you can pretty much wander around as much as you want. You obviously can’t get on rides and most of the time can’t get into the stores (except those on Main Street - you can get into those for a good while.) Once security reaches you, they’ll ask you to work your way to the exit. It is not unusual for guests to be in the shops on Main Street for hour and a half AFTER park close.

Once my friends and I were at EPCOT and lingered around. Then before the exit we sat down on a bench and a security guard stationed at the exit nicely told us the park was closed. We told him we’d like to be the last guests out of the park that night. He smiled and said you got it, but it’s probably going to be awhile. It did take more than an hour but was fun to be the very last guests to leave. We chatted a good while the security guards there and even got our picture taken with them to remember the night. The only thing we did not consider… it was so late by the time we left that the trams were no longer running in the parking lots. No problem spotting our lonely car in the lot though and fortunately we hadn’t parked too, too far away.

So my advice, be aware of what the last call times are for whatever transportation you’re using. I’ve never seen Kiss Goodnight either and plan on staying for it on the very last night of our trip. I figured it would be a good kiss goodbye too. There are YouTube video you can watch. It’s really just music and lights on the castle.


Thank you! This is the exact kind of info. I was looking for! We are staying at WL so I’ll need to find out the “last call” for the boats. And buses too just incase we miss the boat, lol.

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Just so you know, if you plan on staying during the evening extra magic hours, the kiss goodnight may only be 15 minutes after park close.

Two weeks ago we stayed until 1am when the park closed. As we walked slowly towards the exit, my kids asked me the timing of the kiss goodnight. It was 1:15am when they asked, the kiss goodnight started right then!

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Oh thanks for the tip! The night I’ll be there will in fact be an extra magic hours night. I’m actually glad to hear it so I won’t be up so late :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip!