Kirsten plans spring break

I’ve noticed a couple people organize their questions for one trip under one thread. I’m going to try that. As I finish my first drafts of TPs, I’m going to publish them here and ask for input. Is that ok?

Party is myself, DH, DD10. DH and I have been to WDW multiple times-usually for Food & Wine fest. This will be DD second trip, first was at age 4, so she doesn’t remember a lot. I doubt we’ll be back the 3 of us for many years, if ever. We are staying at WL and will have a rental car. We are not visiting parks on arrival or departure day. We do NOT have park hoppers.

Basic plan (as it stands)
3/22 Arrival- explore resort, pool, dinner at AP with Snow White
3/23 RD MK lunch @ BOG, afternoon break, HEA party
3/24 late start at Epcot QS lunch, dinner hopping around the WS, Illuminations (? We’ll play it by ear)
3/25 RD Epcot lunch at Sunshine Seasons, tour until 2 or 3, dinner at CG
3/26 RD AK to ROL. Break for lunch at Sanaa
3/27 HS will have 2 plans RD TSL or late start with just FP for SDD. If RD then extra long break before afternoon tour with dinner at FF and Fantasmic!
3/28 PPO BOG ADR (might drop this, will probably play by ear). Not sure how I want to handle this day. May make a couple different touring plans, early start versus late start. Not sure what we want for dinner. Thoughts are Skipper’s Canteen (been there in the past), Citricos (never been), or ???
3/29 an “open” day. Not making plans, DD to decide in the moment which park she wants to go to. Thinking about making some FPP ahead just in case, but I’m stumped as to which park she might pick, thoughts? I’m Thinking either SDD or 7DMT?

I’ve already asked about AK on another thread, so I won’t repeat that for now unless I decide to make a major change.
I’ll start with our MK plans. First is a Fantasyland touring plan.

I think this is way too ambitious, but I’m not sure what to cut? I’m thinking FPP for 7DMT, PP, & ?? Suggestions? Thoughts?

You will be at EP for Flower and Garden? Will you be visiting the booths?

Yes, I’m hoping this year there are more things I can eat (I’ve got some dietary restrictions that mean I usually eat vegan when out, last year’s menus weren’t very vegan friendly. We also want to check out a lot of the QS around WS.) And I can’t wait to see all the flowers! We are planning to do the Behind the Seeds tour, not sure which day yet, I need to do some more planning.

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Nothing in your overall plan stands out to me as being unrealistic. Citrico’s is excellent, but keep in mind that it’s a signature, so it will cost at least double of what Skipper’s will cost, and will probably take longer.

As an adult with no kids, 5 princess M&Gs in one morning would require the consumption of adult beverages not available in the MK… :slight_smile:

I understand that the “numbers” show doing Tea Party first thing - but are there any motion sickness concerns that could result in problems later in the day?

I agree that 7DMT and PP would be good FPPs; I can’t really help with a third as most of the attractions on your list are not ones I usually do.

I noticed that Enchanted Tales with Belle is not on your list; was this an oversight, an intentional omission, or something you plan on doing on another day?


You may have done this already, but have you discussed with your daughter whether she wants to meet the princesses/Tink? When i was in WDW with my 9 year old niece, she had no interest in meeting the characters. She loved them the prior trip when she was 4, but by 9, she much preferred rides.

Also, the rides will be short for nearly all of the rides at 9:00 am. Choosing the Tea Cups which is typically relatively short later in the day (and also a ride that would be high on my skip list if time became tight) doesn’t seem like the best way to spend the precious low line 9 am - 10 am timeframe.

PPF and 7DMT are great FP choices for your first MK day (if you can get 7DMT for your first day. If you keep meet Cinderella in your plans, I think meet Cinderella/Elena would be my third FP choice, but I would suggest you consider getting the 3rd FP for BTMR, Space Mountain, or Splash and adding one of those to your 1st MK day.

Also, MK has a lot of opportunities for 4th, 5th, 6th, etc FPs … when I was there last month, there were plenty later in the day for Dumbo, Small World, Pooh, and others. If you have your FP rides later in the day like your current plan for PPF and 7DMT, you will not a chance to take advantages of the extra FPs.

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Also, why not Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh? It’s a fun whimsical ride even for adults.


It is my son’s favorite dark ride ( he is 26).

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I’m 40 and I love the Pooh ride!

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It is like the books/old shows came to life!

Good point. Anyone tried The Plaza recently? I’ve been hearing they do good vegan milkshakes and some other things that sound good. Skipper’s is more our typical fare.

Another good point. My husband may leave us :joy:. DD is excited to meet most of these ladies, I think I could get rid of the Cinderella meet and maybe Ariel without too much fuss.

Yeah, not my cautious daughter. She has little to no interest in meeting the fuzzy characters, but is all in on the face ones. She’s not a huge ride fan so far. Maybe we’ll try one of the bigger ones on the first day to see how it goes. DH wants to skip Space this time-I think a good call as she’d have to sit by herself. BTMR is one of my all time favorites, so maybe I’ll add this to this day. We’ll also play some of this by ear, we expected her to not be interested in characters last time as she could be shy meeting new people, but that was her favorite part, so maybe this time she will want to skip a lot of the characters after all. I’m holding all plans loosely.
DD has result not do the Belle story time. I’m not sure what she remembers from when she was 4, but it must not be positive. WtP got cut due to just trying to figure out some things to not do…as did Barnstormer & PhilharMagic. I’ve never done Barnstormer, so it occasionally gets added back into the plan…

We also want to make sure there is time to meet Peter Pan (a favorite from age 4) and Merida (a must do this time, per DD, thinking RD on second day). We’ll probably do some other meets at the other parks as well.
Here’s the plan for day 2 of MK. Again, I think it’s too ambitious. This we’d cut the Riverboat if needed. I’m also noticing that the people mover isn’t on with of my days and this is a must do this trip (I’ve never done it! It always gets cut to do other more “pressing” things and I think we’d really like it!

Do you guys think the parade is a must do now without the dragon? That’s kind of the whole reason I wanted to see it. Thinking about skipping it…

I’m sort of assuming we’re going to be done after dinner, but we might continue to wander if we have more energy.

Have you thought about going to Akershus to meet some of the princesses and not worry about standing in line to meet those? Arial, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle are there.

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I might bring it up with DH again, he’s pretty much said one character meal is his limit.

I thoroughly understand that; but it sure would save time. And we love Akershus and would go there even if it wasn’t a character meal.

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We originally had a CRT reservation for that very reason, but canceled it when Snow White came into being.

My 3.5 y/o loved the Merida meet and greet. Merida was the most interactive of all the characters we met and was great with my 13 month old son. We arrived at 9:45 and only waited about 15 minutes. I was very surprised the line was so short and we expected a much longer wait (CL 3 day). When we walked by later in the day, the line was much longer.

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I would cut the Riverboat. And, yes, try to add People Mover. People Mover is always must do for me.

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I added a PPO breakfast at Garden Grill. How do I convince my hates-character-meals DH about this? The food sounds great and mostly want to go to Soarin’ first thing

Speaking as a CM hating DH… I would offer something in trade; is there something he really wants to do that maybe wouldn’t be on your list? Maybe let him opt out and you do it with the kids while he explores on his own or enjoys a laid back breakfast st SS or Starbucks?