Kindle question

I have a technical question I hope someone can answer. I'm viewing the forum on a kindle by following the link from chat.
I navigate to any sub group. Pick any topic to read and after I am finished, press the back button, and I am taken back to chat, not the main forum page. Any ideas why? I can be a beta tester and not only a complainer?

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Wait, you can get Lines app on the Kindle? How did I miss that? I'm about to go read on my Kindle. I'll try it out and report back, probably tomorrow.

you can get Lines App on any browser (phone, tablet, or desktop), by going to

As for the Kindle issue, I'll charge up my Kindle tonight and try it out tomorrow morning.

@daybreaker - I think this just needs a link somewhere. Other folks have asked for this.

@jasonburkett - thanks for the idea!

Oh I know that; I thought OP meant he downloaded an app aka what I have on my iphone. smile

I have the same issue. I've been working around it by going to the top and selecting category to at least get me back to the right area. I've also tried using both the kindle back arrow and the browser back arrow, but they both take me back to the beginning.

I do have the lines app installed on the Kindle but I am using the Chrome browser to read lines. The app has some issues opening links and returning to the same page in chat.