Kinda silly question... would this be considered a bag?

Countdown is down to 30 days!! Woohoo! I will have very limited time seeing my main purpose of this trip is to attend training for work. I want to take advantage of every short cut I can considering the week I am there is also predicted as CL10. Besides the 2 days I added to my trip, I have taken advantage of the after 5pm conference tickets and was able to schedule FPs, some pretty close in time after “work”. One short cut is to go through a bagless security line. Cannot see me needing much besides my phone, driver’s license and some cash so was looking at a crossbody cell phone case that has a small pocket for those items. Would this be considered a bag. I could pretty much put it in my pocket and take it out after security but can I do that with a phone through the metal detector? Here’s a picture of what I am talking about.

Not a bag. Stick it in your pocket and waltz straight through the bagless line!


Thank you! Just ordered it. I am going to feel like I lost a body part not have to carry a bag or stroller with me for this trip.


I can imagine that, I would be constantly looking round thinking I’d lost my bag :joy:

First hand experience, my wife goes straight through the no bag line with one just like that.

Just what I needed to hear, Awesome! Thanks!!