Kilimanjaro Safaris

If we go at a peak time (summer, crowd level 7-8), any hope of scoring 3 FPs for Kilmanjaro Safaris upon arrival late morning or after lunch?

Contemplating hitting Hollywood in morning, using FPs for Toy Story, Star Tours there. But maybe if we get to Hollywood there first thing, can just run over to TS, and save the FPs for Animal Kingdom 4 or 5pm spot?


I am afraid that a lot of advice will be based on BCC (before crazy crowds). You used to be able to count on going to AK at 2:00-3:00 and then basically walk on everything for the last couple of hours. Last October my 22 year old son begged me to stop riding EE "for just 10 minutes).

I do not think any of us can predict what the crowds will be like in AK as HS is a construction zone and the new night time activities are opened at AK. My money is on that you will need AK FPs days out.

Doubt it they were all gone for today before park open