Kilimanjaro Safaris... Fastpass+ gone a month before?


This morning I got up at 6:00am to get my family's Fastpass for AK 30 days before we get there.
Of course Avatar's Flight of Passage was not available, no surprise there, but I got a nice set for the Na'vi River Journey (party of 6), so I can't complain.
What I found troubling is that the Kilimanjaro Safaris were also unavailable. No FP+ at all for any time.
Then, when I checked Lines I saw that for today there were FP+ for many different times (and still are).
I just hope that there's nothing specially bad happening on August 27 in AK (as in this ride been closed!).
I've been trying to check other days prior to that one, but Olaf keeps coming back decapitated (Disney FP+ page has been down most of the morning after 7am).
Anybody has any insight on this?
Note: I'm well within my FP+ limit, and as far as I know KS is a tier B, so the NRJ shouldn't affect it.



Have you tried to break up your party into smaller groups? I have had luck doing that - group of 4 broke up into 2 & 2 with overlaping times has worked for me.


Hi! Yes, I tried with just myself, and same thing happened.

Now, the page being down for so long I haven't been able to do anything else, but regardless of anything, I have been "stalking" lines for the past two weeks or so, and KS was never out of FP+ until late in the afternoon of the same day at the worst, therefore I can't imagine that they would be gone 30 days before. I'm suspecting a glitch in the FP+ system, or (fearing) that the attraction would be closed on that date.


At 60 days there were no Safari, EE, FoP or RoL FPs left for my stay.


I got all of them at 60 days except for FoP - but I did pick up FoP a couple of weeks later, I just kept checking back and go lucky on that one - I am going to AK on 8/26 & 8/27 - so I would just keep trying.


Whereas at 30 days, my family had a choice of times for the safari, EE and both ROL shows - party of 7, their AK day was this past Tuesday.


I am September 2nd. I got FoP at about day 55 and I got EE and Safari at day 61 but I have checked multiple times and the others have been gone since day 60.


I just checked - party of 3- still gone...


Strange. They actually missed the safari because they waited 3 hours for FoP. They also got 7DMT for all 3 of them for tomorrow and next week one day. Maybe September is the new busy month?


I got safari fastpasses for 4 people less than a week before we needed them and that was for last week

I'm sure they will show up for you?


Granted, there are a lot more people going to AK since Pandora opened. In the past many people just RDed KS and didn't tie up FPPs. Now that so many people are RDing Pandora, KS FPPs may well be harder to get. But I also think there may be a glitch. Keep trying.




Tip for getting rid of Olaf @Nuncio: in the website click on my disney experience. It'll ask you to log back in and you'll be good to go. It times out really really fast!


I got Safari FP day of in the end of June with CL 7, for an evening ride for 6 ppl. We actually had 8 ppl when we arrived and were going to send 2 adults with the 4 kiddos, the cast members waived us all through. I would keep trying.


At 60 days I got everything except FOP, so that is surprising! Although an hour later KS and EE were all gone which I had not expected to see so quickly for September. I guess we will just have to keep trying for FOP, I wouldn't want to miss my EE FP time by waiting for this.


I think the reduced hours and staffing at the end of August might be affecting FP availability. It's making late August at AK look busy! All Kilimanjaro Safari and Flight of Passage FPs were gone at 61 days for August 25 for me. (We check in August 24.) I have seen KS FPs randomly pop up a couple of times for that day since then, but they were gone quite quickly. Availability was a bit better for August 29 (which was day 65 for me) but I wouldn't be surprised if they were also gone by the time day 60 came around.


Thank you very much to each and every one of your replies. Very informative and helpful.

I will keep on trying, I just hope I don't get too obsessed with this (my job sits me in front of the computer all day, so I may over do it checking the website daily - I will try to do it just a couple of times in the morning and again in the afternoon).

Now, I am growing more suspicious of the veracity of either the Disney's FP+ system or the Lines App, and here's why:

Lines is showing today, just like yesterday, an almost complete FP+ availability for the KS. It is right now 1:17 and I see FP+ available hourly from 1:50 until 8:30. I can hardly think that yesterday and today would be less busy than the end of August, therefore either Lines is lying, or the FP+s will be available down the road and are being held by Disney for some weird reason.

What do you guys think?

Lines shows the availability based on a "Party of 1", but even though my party is of 6, I do the searches only for myself, so also a party of 1.


Following! I too am anxious to book FPs for KS on Aug 26th and they are not available. Hope they pop up soon!


I'm looking for August 27.
If I get them, I'll quickly come here and let you know.


Thank you! I'll do the same if I find them for the 26th!